Thursday, March 17

Katrina Kaif misses wardrobe malfunction

Katrina Kaif misses wardrobe malfunctionWardrobe malfunctions come as a part of fashion events and performances. And Katrina Kaif has added another wardrobe malfunction to her list. The Bollywood diva, who was recently performing at a music award function, escaped an awkward fashion faux pas. She was wearing a red top that kept slipping off her left shoulder during her performance. However, Katrina managed to finish her performance in style and not letting the wardroble malfunction deter her even a bit. Said a source, "Clothes to be worn at the event are made in a very short period of time. Although stars do have dress trials and Katrina had one too, it was a mere accident of her strap giving way. Wearing an outfit and standing is different from wearing an outfit and performing. ”

We know Kat is blessed with a sizzling hot body to flaunt. But our advice to her is to be more careful in the future with her selection of costumes.


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