Wednesday, March 2

Eva Mendes named Reebok EasyTone ambassador

Eva Mendes - Reebok EasyTone AmbasadorEva Mendes has been named as the new ambassador of Reebok EasyTone. Following in the footsteps of supermodel Helena Christensen and British beauty Kelly Brook, the 36-year-old actress will become the face of the toning trainers - which tone leg and buttocks muscles. "I feel better when I’m in good shape, and that’s what I like about Reebok EasyTone - it gives me a little extra as I go about my daily activities," said Mendes. "Between long days on the set and travel, it’s not always possible to get a full workout in, so I have to make the time I have count. As an actress, being fit is important, and EasyTone is my great secret," she added. Reebok International president Uli Becker says the "Other Guys" actress was chosen as the new EasyTone ambassador because she is "committed to fitness".

"Eva Mendes fits perfectly with Reebok and EasyTone – she’s fun, inspirational, committed to fitness and a style icon to women around the world," Becker said.

"EasyTone is about helping women get a better body with every move, and it’s clear Eva’s been pretty active because she looks great," he added.


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