Thursday, December 31

Rihanna interested for a career in fashion
RihannaRihanna has become the latest pop sensation to show an interest in Hollywood.

The 21 year old singer has said that she would not only love to star in a movie, but would also be interested in a fashion career.

“I’ve taken some acting lessons so hopefully one day I will have time to do something like that”, said the ‘Russian Roulette’ singer.

“There is so much I want to do, something in fashion as well. I just want to keep getting better,” she added.
Britney Spears voted biggest star of past decade
Britney SpearsAccording to a new Internet poll, Pop princess Britney Spears has been voted as the biggest star of the past decade.

28 years old, Spears, who shot to fame at the end of the 1990s, has dominated the charts and newspaper headlines throughout the past 10 years.

And visitors to found her to be the 00s’ top celebrity.

Thirty five per cent of more than 25,000 voters placed the singer above actress and humanitarian Angelina Jolie, who drew 26 per cent of the votes.

Beyonce Knowles came third ahead of Justin Timberlake, Tom Cruise and Paris Hilton.
Ellen DeGeneres and Tim Gunn named PETA People of the Year
Ellen DeGeneresEllen DeGeneres and Tim Gunn have been named PETA’s Woman and Man of the Year.

The duo received the honour because of their exceptional effort in supporting animal rights issues.

"Tim Gunn and Ellen DeGeneres show us that one person really can make a difference in the world by rejecting cruel deeds in favour of compassionate acts”, said PETA President Ingrid E Newkirk.

"Their message that animals must be treated kindly and respectfully has reached scores of people, and many of them have changed their buying habits, all because Gunn and DeGeneres spoke up for the voiceless”, he added.

Both honourees made "an exceptional effort to place animal rights issues before a large audience," the statement said.

PETA extended the honour to the ‘Project Runway ‘star, owing to his animal-friendly fashion sense - he is the creative director at the fur-free Liz Claiborne Inc.

56 year old, Gunn also narrated PETA’s "Fashion Victims" video and promotes designers who use faux-fur fabric.

PETA also applauded DeGeneres’ cruelty-free lifestyle and recognized the 51 year old talk show host’s decision to become a vegan in 2008.

"I personally chose to go vegan because I educated myself on factory farming and cruelty to animals, and I suddenly realized that what was on my plate were living things, with feelings," she said on her official site.

DeGeneres and Gunn will each receive an award plaque and a letter of appreciation from PETA.

Wednesday, December 30

Amitabh Bachchan to read news on Times Now
Amitabh BachchanAfter playing Auro from ‘Paa’ in a number of off-screen events, Amitabh Bachchan now assumes the role of media magnet Vijay Harshwardhan Mallik from his forthcoming movie ‘Rann’ and will appear on a TV channel to do a year-end news round-up.

"And we aren’t just talking about entertainment-related activities," said the film’s co-producer Sheetal Talwar who was present when Big B donned the garb of a news anchor holding forth on events of the year from the world on the news channel Times Now.

"And it was events from the world of global politics. Mr. Bachchan just took over the television space as though he had done news analysis all his life. It was an amazing experience”, said Talwar.

On Thursday night the megastar will reportedly be heard talking on roughly six global issues of 2009 - Indian national politics, terrorism, cricket, swine flu, recession and Obama on an hour-long segment.

This would be the first of several media-related activities that the Big B is scheduled to participate in before director Ram Gopal Varma’s ‘Rann’ hits the screens Jan 29.

Apparently he intends to assume whatever character he plays in his forthcoming films and promote the film as the character rather than “Amitabh Bachchan”.

Tuesday, December 29

Kylie Minogue to wed Andres Velencoso
Kylie MinogueSinger Kylie Minogue may soon tie the knot with her Spanish model boyfriend Andres Velencoso.

The two visited each other’s families this festive season.

The couple spent a week in Sydney with the 41 year old singer’s family.

In Melbourne, they enjoyed time with Kylie’s sister, Dannii and her boyfriend, Kris Smith, and attended her grandmother’s 90th birthday.

The couple then flew to Spain on Christmas Eve to be with Velencoso’s father and sisters.

Dannii revealed that the sisters always got competitive at Christmas over buying the best presents.

"We love it when we find the perfect gift”, said Dannii.

"This sometimes means presents come months after an event, so we don’t always rush to look under the Christmas tree," she added.
Celina Jaitley to do a Bengali film
Celina JaitleyCelina Jaitley has already dabbled in Telugu and Kannada films and the former beauty queen now wants to work in a Bengali film, preferably one with Rituparno Ghosh.

"I have spent a lot of time in West Bengal and this is the reason I can easily associate myself with the place, culture and the language. I would really love to work in a Bengali movie because I feel they make very emotional and interesting movies”, said Celina.

"The way they weave stories is fascinating. They simply touch the human chord. I would love to work with Ritu-da. This would be one of my targets for the next year," she said.

Celina is riding high after winning the best female actor award for her performance in the English film "Love Has No Language" at the 33rd Cairo International Film Festival (CIFF) held Nov 10-20. The movie was a New Zealand entry at the film festival.

"This year has been so good. Winning this award has been an icing on the cake. These awards work as a motivation factor and help you perform better. As the role was a bit different from the conventional roles I do, it worked," said the actress.

"I have always seen that whenever I have attempted something different, I have been appreciated," she added.

"Love Has No Language", an engaging romantic movie, was directed by Ken Khan and stars New Zealand actor Ben Mitchell as well as Hindi film actors Rati Agnihotri and Kiran Kumar.

The 28 year old, who has featured in Hindi movies like "Janasheen", "No Entry" and "Golmaal Returns", has seven movies in her kitty and is confident that she will make her presence felt on the big screen next year.

The model turned actress doesn’t understand why people question her if she opts to do only a few movies.

"If Aamir Khan does one movie at a time, he is applauded but if Celina Jaitley chooses to do a few movies, she is criticised. Why such disparity?" the actress asked.

Apart from acting, Celina is involved with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) and is also a gay rights activist.

"In my free time, I love to work for the causes I strongly feel for. All these things are no substitute for romance but they are something that I feel responsible for," she said.

"I choose to live my life fully and it deserves appreciation," she added.

The actress will soon be seen in movies like “Accident On Hill Road”, “Run Bhola Run” and “Chai Garam”.
3 Idiots unofficially titled as Film of the Year
Aamir KhanAamir Khan has done it again! The actor who won applauses and bagged maximum moolah with Ghajini last year, has emerged a clear winner this year too with his maverick act in ‘3 Idiots’. Playing the uber cool Rancho, the actor has not only floored fans worldwide but has also earned appreciation from his peers.

With many filmmakers vouching for “3 Idiots” as their favourite flick this year, it has unanimously won the unofficial title of the ‘Film of the Year’.

With directors like David Dhawan, Sriram Raghavan, Raj Kumar Santoshi, Rohit Shetty, Kunal Deshmukh, Karan Johar ranking “3 Idiots” as their top choice this year, the film is surely headed for a smashing show at the Filmfare Awards.

Talking about his favourite film, David Dhawan told, “3 Idiots is the best-written and best-directed film of the year. It has a great entertainment value”. Joining him is Sriram Raghavan who says he loved the film and said, “Maybe because I’m an idiot myself”.

And it’s not just the direction that has the filmmakers talking; these taskmasters are appreciating almost every aspect of the film. Talking about the film, Raj Kumar Santoshi said, “My favourite film of 2009 is ‘3 Idiots’. Good entertainment with a strong message. Fantastic performances, excellent script and direction”.

Seconding his peers’ choice, Rohit Shetty too echoed the general notion. “3 Idiots- is my film of the year for sure. There are very few films that make you feel good and happy. This is one of them”, he said.

Well, Aamir Khan seems to have got his reward already.

“My favourite film of 2009 is ‘3 Idiots’. Good entertainment with a strong message. Fantastic performances, excellent script and direction”, quoted Raj Kumar Santoshi

Monday, December 28

Tiger Woods' mistress Rachel Uchitel caught in White Bikini on Florida Beach
Rachel Uchitel in Sexy White BikiniRachel Uchitel - the first of Tiger Woods’ 15 alleged mistresses - was caught strolling in a bikini on the sands at Palm Beach, Florida.

The 34 year old nightclub hostess, who refuses to discuss Woods beyond denying having an affair with him, had a Christmas beach holiday close to her family in Florida.

According to a news website, Woods and his wife were arguing over the golfer’s alleged relationship with Uchitel just before he crashed his Cadillac Escalade into a water hydrant and a tree outside his Florida mansion.

The sources say that Woods and Uchitel were texting each other less than an hour before the accident on Thanksgiving.
New cosmetic therapy to fix wrinkles
Now is the time to move over Botox, as a new cosmetic therapy has arrived - Plasma Replacement Therapy.

The therapy which has arrived in Sydney involves injecting patients with their own plasma to firm up saggy skin.

According to The Sydney Morning Herald, Dr Mariusz Gajewski, 39, known as Dr Mazza, of Star Cosmetic Medicine in Pyrmont, is pioneering the procedure Down Under.

"By spinning a patient’s blood down in a centrifuge, the blood is reduced to its plasma components that are rich in growth cells and are great for rejuvenating the skin when injected", Dr Mazza said.

The expert added: "If someone comes in and has sagging skin which has lost collagen around the neck, which they call turkey neck, this treatment will make the skin tighter and put more collagen in again".

The treatment takes 45 minutes and costs up to 900 dollars.

"This treatment does not replace Botox", he said. "Botox relaxes the muscles that cause wrinkles. In this role there are few things better than Botox. Plasma replacement therapy allows further improvement in skin texture and tissue volume."

Sunday, December 27

Katy Perry to tie the knot with Russell Brand
Katy PerryComic actor Russell Brand has finally proposed to Katy Perry. And Perry is excited about walking down the aisle with him. But the pop princess turned her nose up at the pricey Cartier ring that her beau presented to her.

Brand is now on the hunt for a suitable ring to give her on New Year’s Eve.

Russell is searching for a jewellery designer to make up a ring in time for New Year after the pair discussed what they wanted to have.

Russell officially popped the question during her quick trip to Britain last week for a pre-Christmas get together and the two are beyond thrilled by the fact that they’re heading up the aisle.

According to a source, "Russell knows Katy’s the one for him. He’s never been into a girl like he has with her and they’re besotted. He asked her to marry him last week and she quickly said yes. They don’t know when the wedding will be but they are planning to make it in 2010 if the schedules can work”.

Meanwhile it has emerged that Russell Brand has bought a mansion in Los Angeles worth 2.2 million pounds.

The four storey four bedroom family home is Brand’s Christmas present for girlfriend Katy Perry.

He is now set to leave London - where his bachelor flat is up for sale for 2.5 million pounds - and become a Californian resident.

Brand has been with the 25 year old singer since September.
Vanessa Hudgens to sue website over snap scandal
Vanessa HudgensActress Vanessa Hudgens is suing the owners of a website over the publication of her revealing photographs.

The 21 year old "High School Musical" sparked controversies earlier this year when some of her saucy pictures surfaced online.

Hudgens’ lawyers battled to have the photos removed from the website and now she’s taking legal action against one particular website which allegedly refused to take the pictures down.

She has filed suit against bosses at, alleging a series of "self portrait photographs" taken in a private home with a cellphone were published on the site and remained on view even after her lawyers claimed copyright violation and ordered the pictures to be removed.

The papers state: "The photos were obtained by unknown methods and posted on the Internet by an unknown person without Hudgens’ knowledge or consent."

The celebrity website is reporting that Hudgens’ team has registered the photos with the US Copyright Office.

She is seeking damages and an injunction to order the site to remove the pictures.

It’s the second time Hudgens has been at the centre of a snaps scandal.

She was previously left red faced in 2007 when pictures taken of her posing provocatively in lingerie appeared online - forcing the Disney star to issue a public apology.
This way Slumdog Millionaire changed lives of child stars
Rubina AliThe super duper success of ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ has dramatically improved the bleak lifestyle of child stars Rubina Ali and Azharuddin Ismail, with both being enrolled full-time in school, and are living in far better conditions than before.

While Ismail has been shifted into an apartment, Rubina and her family are still on the Garib Nagar slum but have dramatically upgraded their home.

However, they are waiting to be moved into a modern apartment.

Rubina, who played the role of young Latika in the Oscar winning film, which tracked the story of an 18 year old boy from rags-to-riches, has done an advertisement with Hollywood star Nicole Kidman.

She has also become the youngest person in publishing history to write a memoir titled ‘Slumgirl Dreaming’, which has sold 200,000 copies worldwide so far.

Both the actors have been receiving a monthly allowance equivalent to 75 pounds each through a charitable trust developed by director Danny Boyle.

But they only get the money if their attendance record at school is above 70 per cent.

“Last year, people would throw rubbish at me, but now the garbage man collects it from my new house and people are very good to me”, said 10 year old Azharuddn.

Meanwhile, slums shown in the film will soon be redeveloped.

The value of plots will multiply by five and the Nagar slum will become the first rubbish-free slum in Mumbai after builders start work.

Saturday, December 26

Special Holiday offer for Direct Satellite TV
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Friday, December 25

Madonna declared Most Famous Celebrity of The Decade
Madonna : Most Famous Celebrity of The DecadeMadonna has been named the ‘most famous celebrity of the decade’ after grabbing more column inches than any other star.

A study of celebrity reports from British national newspapers showed that, Robbie Williams, who has enjoyed comeback success this year, was the most written-about male celebrity of the past 10 years.

With a high profile marriage and divorce, adoption bids and one of the most successful careers around, Madonna has accrued 45,633 mentions over the decade.

This was around 17,000 more news articles than her nearest rival Williams.

The study was commissioned by online UK TV channel Liv, which features style and celebrity programming.

“This is a fascinating insight into which celebrities have real showbiz staying power with the UK print press and have proved their popularity over the last decade. Madonna’s ability to be able to re-invent herself and her image has meant she has stayed at the top of her game throughout the noughties and we salute the queen of pop”, said Alex Ayling, Liv commissioning executive.

The results were calculated by TNS Media Intelligence using British national newspapers.

The top 10 celebrities in the Column Inch Countdown for the last decade, with the total number of articles:

1. Madonna 45,633

2. Robbie Williams 27,976

3. Britney Spears 27,910

4. Brand Beckham (Posh and Becks) 26,561

5. Kate Moss 26,494

6. Victoria Beckham 25,204

7. David Beckham 24,631

8. Michael Jackson 22,426

9. Simon Cowell 22,263

10. Sir Paul McCartney 20,347

Thursday, December 24

Alexa Chung voted 2009's Best Dressed Women by Vogue
Alexa ChungMTV host and former model Alexa Chung has pipped supermodel Kate Moss to top Vogue's 2009 best dressed women list.

The 26 year old television presenter, praised for her "geek chic" and "quirky style" toppled catwalk queen Moss to the 10th place.

French actress Audrey Tautou grabbed the second spot, followed by Sex and the City's Sarah Jessica Parker.

Cheryl Cole came in fourth and wrapping up the top five was her fellow X Factor judge Dannii Minogue.

Following is the Top 20 list for Vogue's Best Dressed Women of 2009:

1. Alexa Chung, TV presenter
2. Audrey Tautou, actress
3. Sarah Jessica Parker, actress
4. Cheryl Cole, X Factor judge
5. Dannii Minogue, X Factor judge
6. Emma Watson, actress
7. Sienna Miller, actress
8. Diane Kruger, actress
9. Freida Pinto, actress
10. Kate Moss, model
11. Lady Gaga, singer
12. Lily Donaldson, model
13. Leighton Meester, actress
14. Michelle Obama, US First Lady
15. Angelina Jolie, actress
16. Georgia May Jagger, model
17. Anna Friel, actress
18. Olivia Palermo, TV star
19. Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, French First Lady
20. Beth Ditto, singer

Tuesday, December 22

Priyanka Chopra shows her technical skills
Priyanka ChopraBollywood’s hot favourite Priyanka Chopra is not only a smart woman but an extremely patient lady who is surely a multi task master!

According to the latest Bollywood news, while shooting for an advertisement, Priyanka helped a bumbling technician in getting his act right.

According to a source, “A particular scene in the commercial required the technician to shower some thermocol balls. Unfortunately, after several retakes, he was unable to shower it the way his director wanted him to.”

“Priyanka who was patiently giving retakes, suddenly asked the boy to come to her with the thermocol balls and the equipment. Initially, he was scared, since it was the actress who was calling him. But to his surprise, she held the sheet and actually showed him the exact way to sprinkle the balls on her. She was extremely polite and explained it to him very patiently.”

Once the technician got his act right, he gave a flawless performance, all thanks to Priyanka, as the source added, “After practicing with the actress for five minutes, he managed to shower the balls in the exact way the director wanted him to. After the shot, the crew and everyone present on the sets clapped for the technician and Priyanka was complimented for showing her many skills.”

Monday, December 21

Aishwarya Rai and Vivek Oberoi sitting Close to each other
Aishwarya RaiJust a couple of days back, Bachchan bahu Aishwarya Rai apparently bumped into her ex-beau Salman Khan, and most recently, the actress was spotted sitting close to another ex-flame Vivek Oberoi! Believe it or not, Ash and Vivek were seen sharing the same row at Mumbai Police Film Star Nite Umang '09, an award function held here on Saturday.

Despite having seated in the same row, both Ash and Vivek managed to keep to themselves throughout the evening, and the history between them seemed long forgotten.

Although Vivek could be seen sitting only a few feet away from none other than Amitabh Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai, he kept to himself for most of the evening and maintained a dignified restraint even when he took to the stage to say a few words.

Well, call it a chance encounter, but guess it was hardly one!

Sunday, December 20

Priyanka Chopra and Ranbir Kapoor to party together
Priyanka ChopraPriyanka and Ranbir’s passionate kissing scene in ‘Anjana, Anjaani’ is already the talk of the town, and now buzz has it that the duo is gearing up to celebrate New Year together. Grapevine has it that Priyanka Chopra and Ranbir Kapoor, who seem to have become really ‘good friends’, have decided that they'd rather spend the New Year in each other’s company than fly back home to be with friends and family.

Sajid Nadiadwala, the producer of ‘Anjana, Anjaani’ said, "Despite the fact that all of them had spent the earlier New Year holidays with their families, they willingly agreed on this schedule, though they were offered the option of taking holidays. This was very professional on their part. In fact, both Priyanka and Ranbir are looking forward to the shooting schedule."

Reports reveal that on New Year’s eve, there is no shoot because it’s been left free for partying. A source says that Sajid wants to make up for the missed family time by allowing them to have a blast without bothering about anything.

Ranbir and Priyanka apparently share an amazing chemistry, which is quite evident even on the sets of the film.
Aamir Khan joins Punjab wedding ceremony
Aamir KhanVillage-girl Ramandeep Kaur in Punjab’s border district of Faridkot did not have anything in common with well-known cricketer Sourav Ganguly till Saturday. Not until Aamir Khan, disguised as a documentary filmmaker from abroad, landed up at her village on the eve of her wedding.

The bride and her family of Churchak village near Jagraon could not in their wildest dreams imagine that the disguised filmmaker was none other than the Bollywood star until he told them so himself.

The actor had last week played a similar prank at Ganguly’s house after he landed up in Kolkata disguised as a fan of the former Indian cricket captain.

Dressed as a hippie-looking foreigner visiting India for documentary filmmaking, Aamir attended the pre-wedding celebrations in Kaur’s village near Jagraon town, 250 km from Chandigarh.

"Aamir Khan came to the wedding functions. Initially, we were told that he was a documentary maker. When his real identity was revealed, there was even greater joy and excitement in the household and the entire village”, said Ramandeep’s father Jasvir Singh.

Ramandeep’s wedding to groom Gurjit Singh was solemnised Sunday as per Sikh religious rites.

The winter chill of north India did not stop Aamir from being part of the rural wedding ceremonies Saturday night for over two hours despite having reported sick just a day earlier at Jaipur.

The trip, of course, was part of Aamir’s ongoing promotion of his yet to be released film ‘3 Idiots’.

"Some people approached us a few days back that someone wanted to shoot a rural wedding. That person came as a commoner and was treated as any other guest. Only later we were told that he is Aamir Khan," said Jasvir Singh, a farmer and landlord.

The actor not only sang and danced with men and women at the wedding but also ate dinner with them. He even gifted a ring to the bride after the “Mehendi” ceremony.

He left only past midnight - perhaps headed for another undisclosed location in disguise.
Jennifer Lopez is no more a fitness freak
Jennifer LopezSinger Jennifer Lopez says she’s no longer a "monster" when it comes to exercise.

And judging by her latest magazine cover shoot, she’s bearing no ill effects of a lifestyle less focused on gruelling daily workouts.

"Part of my business is being in shape and looking good. You can’t lie to yourself about it. But I’m not the monster I used to be in the exercise department”, said the singer.

Lopez also admitted she had to work hard to harness her vocal talent unlike her husband March Anthony.

"I had to work at it, but I knew that once I had achieved it, people would respond to me in a certain way. It wasn’t like it was with Marc, who opened his mouth at age three and was blessed with a voice from God. That wasn’t me," she said.

Wednesday, December 16

Jessica Simpson brings own line of Wedding Rings
Jessica SimpsonJessica Simpson has been in talks with celebrity jeweler Pascal Mouawad to launch her own jewellery line including wedding rings.

“Jessica and her mom are really pushing the wedding rings. Jess wants her own line but Pascal isn’t so keen on that”, revealed a source.

The insider added: “He wants to work with her, but definitely doesn’t think wedding rings would be appropriate for Jessica”.

Simpson’s interest in wedding rings is believed to have been triggered after she attended a party at Mouawad’s home in Hollywood and picked up a 10,000dollar 5 carat ring from his Black and White Diamond Collection.

Tuesday, December 15

Kate Hudson splits from Alex Rodriguez
Kate HudsonHollywood actress Kate Hudson has split from baseball star Alex Rodriguez.

"It’s true, they’ve split”, confirms a news a source.

The "Almost Famous" actress has been dating the New York player since the beginning of the year, but she has been refusing to talk about it.

Earlier this month, Rodriguez was spotted partying alone in Miami, Florida, sparking speculation that he and Hudson had parted ways.

Monday, December 14

Top 10 Bollywood Songs of Year 2009
Bollywood churns out hundreds of films and many more songs year after year since music is an integral part of Indian cinema. The year gone by had chartbusters like ‘Emosanal attyachaar’ and ‘Masakalli’ that thoroughly entertained listeners.

Here is the list of 10 best songs of 2009 from various genres that created waves in the music industry and remained audiences’ favourite once released. The list shows that Pritam Chakraborty and AR Rahman rule the chart.

Emosanal attyachaar: Bollywood music got a boost in the very beginning of 2009 with hit, energetic and instantly likable number ‘Emosanal Attyachaar’. Crooned by Bony Chakravarthy, the song from ‘Dev D’ that echoed the music of marriage bands, was composed by Amit Trivedi. The quirky number became a favourite of the younger generation and stood out among other songs released during that period.

Masakalli: This expressive number from the film ‘Delhi-6’, sung by Mohit Chauhan, bowled people over. An AR Rahman composition, it’s a free flowing, addictive, fun song. ‘Masakalli’ is still being played on music channels and radio and it’s expected to stay with music buffs for some time to come owing to its mirthful mood.

Hai junoon: The song from ‘New York’ caught the attention of young listeners for its hip and foot-tapping music. Sung by KK in his signature style and composed by Pritam Chakraborty, it topped the charts.

Aahun aahun: One of the biggest hits of the year was from the film ‘Love Aaj Kal’. It has an electrifying start with the strumming of the guitar and is an amalgamation of a hit Punjabi pop song by singer Jazzy B and Pritam Chakraborty’s composition. Sung by Neeraj Shridhar, ‘Aahun aahun’ keeps juggling between the two genres and sets the mood.

Dhan te nan: Composed by Vishal Bhardwaj, the song from ‘Kaminey’ is edgy and energetic. Sukhwinder Singh and Vishal Dadlani go behind the mike for the track and while Sukhwinder gives it a rustic flavour, Vishal adds the rock touch to the song. ‘Dhan te nan’ has a certain magic that is intriguing and holds the interest of the listener till the very end - the reason why it topped the music charts.

Hadippa: Mika Singh and Sunidhi Chauhan teamed up to sing ‘Hadippa’ that spells loads of energy. It’s foot-tapping composition made it a hit dance number. The song from the film ‘Dil Bole Hadippa’ was composed by Pritam Chakraborty and it sort of reinvented Punjabi folk. It’s perfect to play at any celebration.

Chiggy Wiggy: Bollywood showcased its international connect with the song ‘Chiggy wiggy’ from not-so-hit film ‘Blue’ as it was sung by international pop star Kylie Minogue with ample support from Sonu Niigaam. The first part of the song is in English and thus completely western, but Sonu enters with the dhol and brings in the Hindi flavour. This one is also Rahman’s composition and went on to register itself among the hits of the year.

Tera hone laga hoon: Pakistani Singer Atif Aslam yet again proved his prowess with the song in the recently released film ‘Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani’. One of the most romantic songs of the year, the duet also had Alisha Chinoi behind the mike. It’s a beautiful, soothing love ballad that pulls on your heartstrings. Once again a Pritam’s composition.

Paisa Paisa: The track from ‘De Dana Dan’ has a Punjabi touch. The catchy number is again from Pritam’s stable and is a huge hit at the DJ consoles.

Aal Izz Well: Last but not the least is ‘Aal Izz Well’ from forthcoming ‘3 Idiots’ - the track has raw energy and youthful spunk. It’s a fun campus song that is filled with whistles in the background. Sung by Sonu Niigaam, Swanand Kirkire and Shaan and composed by Shantanu Moitra, it was lapped up by music lovers as soon as it came out.
Cheryl Cole to quit X-Factor
Cheryl ColePop star Cheryl Cole is wanting to quit ‘X-Factor’ to have a baby.

However, the show’s supremo Simon Cowell is desperate to keep his ace judge and ITV would double her 1.2 million pounds salary.

But Cheryl has told him her decision is not about money.

"Cheryl has so much else going on in life. The number one thing on her mind is starting a family. The show is a huge commitment. It’s six months of the year. Cheryl wanted to have a baby with Ashley this year but put it off because of work”, said an ‘X Factor’ insider.

"She doesn’t want to wait much longer and she’s not keen on having to judge ‘The X Factor’ while she’s heavily pregnant," the insider added.

As well as having children with Chelsea and England footballer Ashley Cole, the Geordie beauty also has a music career to pursue.

Already a star in Girls Aloud group, her solo work is the surprise talk of the music industry.

Her first single “Fight For This Love” topped the charts and became the fastest selling song of the year after she performed it live on The X-Factor.

"Simon is very persuasive and Cheryl admires him hugely. He will try to get one last series out of her. For Simon it’s nothing short of a disaster if she does go through with what she’s thinking and walks out of the show”, the insider added further.
Emily Blunt doesn't bother about fame
Emily BluntBritish actress Emily Blunt has revealed that she is indifferent when it comes to fame.

The “Devil Wears Prada” star said she was least concerned about being a big part in a film or doing just a couple of scenes as long as she was doing a meaningful role.

"Making films is like a fear-led industry where everyone’s like, “If we don’t do this, we’re going to miss out on this and then we’re screwed”. It’s that sort of attitude that I really want to fight against.”

The 26 year old actress added: "The fame thing seems to be the whole deal in Hollywood and the reason why people take on these huge movies to maintain it.

"I keep hearing, “You have to have staying power”. I believe that comes from doing good work."

Saturday, December 12

Sophia Loren : 100 percent natural at 75
Sophia LorenAt the age of 75, Sophia Loren is one of the most gorgeous ladies of Hollywood and beyond. But if you think that cosmetic surgery has anything to do with it, then you’re absolutely wrong.

Loren said, "I don’t believe in having work done, because then everybody looks the same."

The veteran screen siren currently stars in movie musical Nine.

However, the Oscar winner admits she hasn’t given up the quest for perfection, confessing, "I should exercise more. Lose a couple of kilos."
Mariah Carey announces Angels tour dates
Mariah CareyMariah Carey, who hasn’t toured in more than three years, will embark on a national ‘Angels Advocate’ trek beginning December 31 at Madison Square Garden in New York, and wrapping February 27 at the Pearl Concert Theater in Las Vegas.

The eight week, 19 city tour will feature opening act RydazNrtist, a new R&B group signed to NCredible Entertainment, the label of Carey’s husband, Nick Cannon.

The "Angels Advocate" tour is in support of Carey’s latest album, "Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel," which has sold 344,000 copies in the United States.

Presale tickets will be available for members of Honey B. Fly, the official Mariah Carey fan club, for all show dates. Tickets for most of the tour will go on sale December 19.

Friday, December 11

Scarlett Johansson recalls visit to India to help the poor
Scarlett JohanssonScarlett Johansson recently recalled the time when she travelled to India to see how a school was benefiting from the Oxfam Unwrapped programme.

The actress urged people to spend money on alternative stocking-fillers this Christmas to help the needy while revisiting her memories of the subcontinent.

"I spent an amazing day with some young girls at an Oxfam-funded school in Uttar Pradesh”, said Johansson.

"They were all from the lowest Dalit caste, but their education had filled them with ambition, self worth and hope for the future.

"Every child deserves that kind of start in life - and Oxfam Unwrapped gifts like desks and chairs, school equipment and even the school buildings themselves can provide this.

“And that’s why I am asking for us all to give these kinds of gifts this Christmas," she added.

Thursday, December 10

Liz Taylor to open jewelry boutique
Elizabeth TaylorElizabeth Taylor is all set to open a Hollywood jewellery boutique.

According to a source, Liz would launch Luxury Jewels of Beverly Hills on Saturday.

The ailing actress very rarely makes a public appearance.

She was last seen at friend Michael Jackson’s funeral in the summer.

The 77 year old recently underwent surgery to repair a leaky heart valve.

And the veteran beauty is a keen tweeter and kept fans updated of her progress via the micro-blogging medium.
Naomi Campbell in reality show talks
Naomi CampbellSupermodel Naomi Campbell may do a Tyra Banks and front her own reality TV modelling competition.

The catwalk queen has been approached to host a new UK show, similar to America’s Next Top Model.

A representative for Campbell confirmed the offer, but added no decision had been made as yet.

"Naomi has been approached with an offer, which we are talking about and discussing but nothing has been set in stone yet”, said the representative.

Wednesday, December 9

Carrie Underwood caught in tiny bikini
Carrie UnderwoodCountry singer Carrie Underwood gave onlookers an eyeful after stripping down to her tiny bikini in the Bahamas.

The 26 year old songwriter, who was voted the ‘Most Popular American Idol’ star ever, was reportedly on a break as she went sunbathing.

The 2005 Idol winner was later seen dipping into the warm sea.

Underwood has become a multi-platinum selling recording artist and a multiple Grammy Award Winner since her rise to fame four years ago.

She is also a three-time Country Music Association female vocalist winner and ACM entertainer of the year.
Acting is not MBBS : Kangana Ranaut
Kangana RanautAlthough a young and vivacious Kangana Ranaut hit Bollywood early on, the dazzling beauty is much mature her age as she minces no words in setting her preferences right!

Hailing from a small town in Himachal, Kangana rose to instant stardom with flicks like ‘Gangster’, ‘Woh Lamhe’, ‘Life In A Metro’ and ‘Fashion’ while nursing a bitter break-up with Adhyayan Suman.

Talking on her Bollywood journey, a chirpy yet nonchalant Kangana said, “I’ve never said I didn’t want to be an actor. I wanted to, but knew it’s not a cakewalk. So whenever people used to ask me if I’d step into B’wood, I’d simply reply, ‘Dude, get me there if you can,’ for I knew it’s not easy. Acting is not MBBS - there are no textbooks, no written tests that you can sit for, excel in and get a degree. In the film industry, there’s no rulebook. In fact, before an exam, one knows what one has missed reading, and should have known, to get the right marks. Here, you don’t even know if you’re going wrong!”
Neha Dhupia finds Hollywood as a lonely place
Neha DhupiaIt may be the “in-thin” for many Indian actors to flaunt even blink-and-miss roles in Hollywood movies, but actress Neha Dhupia is in no mood to leave the comfort of being at home.

"I don’t think I can move out of India as it makes me feel very lonely. Call me a brat, but its just that I am so stuck with the comforts in my country that I can’t see myself going to Hollywood now, unless they come to me’, said Dhupia.

After getting rave reviews for two international assignments, both television shows, she said Hollywood offers also came to her kitty.

"I did get few offers after that, but I didn’t sign any projects," the actress said on a fashion show to mark the launch of the finals of Signature Club Golf Championship.

She has finished shooting for Hollywood actress-singer Jessica Simpson TV show “Price Of Beauty”, where she was chosen as the Indian beauty ambassador.

In another American TV series, “Bollywood Hero”, which spoofs the Mumbai-based industry, Dhupia played a demanding Bollywood star alongside Hollywood A-listers like Keanu Reeves and Drew Barrymore.

After having debuted opposite Ajay Devgn in the 2003 hit “Qayamat”, the 29 year old former Miss India keeps juggling between hardcore commercial movies and new-age offbeat cinema.

Elated at the Box-Office success of laughter-riot “De Dana Dan”, Dhupia would now be seen in the critically appreciated “Raat Gayi Baat Gayi”.

"We are going to redefine comedy now as we are talking about adultery and one-night stand in “Raat Gayi Baat Gayi", she said.

Talking about her role, she said, "I play a mysterious character whose only fault is that she is sexy and gorgeous looking".

While rejecting suggestions that adult comedies and the concept of one-night stand doesn’t work at the Box-Office, the “Julie” actor said, "I am sure we have a huge market in India for such films."

When asked about her playing comedy roles, Dhupia said her priority is to entertain people.

"I want to stick to entertainment. It can be any genre of comedy - it can be slapstick or a satire like “Mithya”. I will always be associated with films and movies, but not projects. Projects are about money, but a film is about entertainment," she said.

On playing supporting roles in many movies, she lamented that options were very limited for her.

She further commented, "The choice is to be the girl who dances around trees or to be the girl who makes everyone laugh”.

Tuesday, December 8

Freida Pinto: Bollywood’s loss is Hollywood’s gain
Freida PintoFreida Pinto is making waves these days as the actress has been roped in as a new ambassador for a huge cosmetic brand. Seems like Bollywood’s loss is Hollywood’s gain! The stunner, whose latest ad campaign caught a lot of attention, has become a huge hit with our filmmakers. Vying to get the lass interested in filmdom, filmmakers are doing everything to lure the lady back home.

The dusky beauty is the international face of the same brand, which beautiful Sonam Kapoor advertises in the domestic market. And going by her awe-striking look in the advertisement, the sizzler is already boasting of a long list of admirers.

So much so is her ad a hit that Bollywood biggies on various networking sites have sent feelers to Freida’s business manager, compelling the actress to give the Hindi film industry a serious thought.

However, coming back to India seems like a distant dream, as her professional diary is full with many Hollywood projects and international film festivals. The directors would probably have to wait for a while till she’s done with the work at hand.

It seems like Bollywood has lost one talented actress to Hollywood.
Nicole Kidman on interior designing
Nicole KidmanNicole Kidman has got a second plan if her interest in Hollywood fades away i.e. to turn to interior designing.

The actress confessed she was keen to dedicate her time to home makeovers and that her advice was often sought after.

"I’d love to be an interior designer. I just love walking into a room and redoing it”, said Kidman.

The actress further added, “When my girlfriends are buying an apartment, they’ll always ask me to come along because I’m going ‘You can knock that wall down, just put a little bit of paint there’”.

Monday, December 7

Katherine Heigl saved 25 Chihuahuas
Katherine HeiglAmerican actress Katherine Heigl showed what it takes to be a celebrity with a heart – the Knocked Up star saved the lives of 25 Chihuahuas, who were about to be "euthanized".

Heigl and her mother’s Jason Debus Heigl Foundation donated 25,000 dollars that the stray pooches could be flown from LA to their new families in Boston, Massachusetts.

The dogs will now be available for adoption at the Humane Society for Greater Nashua and Salem Animal Rescue League of New Hampshire.

"All 25 would have been euthanized if we didn’t take them. We’re just so happy to be saving their lives”, said Humane Society director Karen Bill.

Sunday, December 6

Cheryl Cole reveals her Natural Hair after Controversy
Cheryl ColePopstar Cheryl Cole has ditched her long hair extensions and revealed her natural short crop after she was accused of misleading fans in shampoo advertisements with her fake hair.

The “Girls Aloud” singer knownfor her dark long mane became the ambassador of a shampoo brand despite the fact that her hair is styled with extensions worth 7000 pounds.

The images lead to complaints that the adverts were misleading.

Cole’s advertisements for L’Oreal promised to tackle weak, limp, lifeless, dull or straw-like hair, by making it feel stronger, weightless and silkier.

Hairdresser Simon Forbes, who is credited with inventing extensions almost 30 years ago, too had spoken out against the advertisements saying, "Cheryl looks great because of her extensions and L’Oreal are bathing in that light."

After the controversy erupted into a national debate, the popstar showed off her natural hair for the first time during a night-out in London.

Thursday, December 3

Kate Hudson's Nine dress shocks her son
Kate HudsonKate Hudson’s five year old son was horrified when he saw her in a sexy outfit on the set of her new film ‘Nine’.

The ‘Almost Famous’ actress took Ryder to watch the shooting of her singing sequence for the stage musical turned movie.

However her son was left stunned when he saw the skimpy dress his mother was wearing.

"Ryder came to the set when I was doing my number and I remember him feeling shocked”, said Hudson.

“He actually grabbed my face at one point when I took him up onstage when I was wearing all the clothes - to him, it must have looked like, “What is my mother doing? This is so embarrassing.” He looked at my face and went, “Mum, everybody’s staring at you. Well, honey, that’s the way it goes – I’m wearing a sparkly nothing!" she added.
Mischa Barton devastated over axed TV show
Mischa BartonActress Mischa Barton was devastated when her TV show ‘The Beautiful Life’ was given the axe just after two episodes - because it “deserved to be seen.”

The actress, who landed the lead role as a supermodel in the fashion-based drama series, says bosses at America’s The CW network didn’t give the program a chance to gain a following.

"It was all so political. They didn’t give it a chance. I’m sure it would have found its audience because it was a great show and was really high fashion”, said Mischa.

“It takes a while for stuff to find a following. I feel more bad for the other girls in it, because it deserved to be seen," she added.

Wednesday, December 2

Anushka Sharma buys her own pad
Anushka SharmaJust one film old, Anushka Sharma is currently on a high! The actress, who made her dream debut opposite Shah Rukh Khan, has recently bought a new pad – a three bedroom flat at Yari Road, Andheri in Mumbai.

Well, even though the actress has bought her dream home, Anushka is hardly able to enjoy the comforts of her house as she is quite preoccupied with her outdoor shoots.

A close source said, “Anushka has been on a house hunting spree for a while now. Last month, she finally bought a three-bedroom apartment at Yari Road in Mumbai. Anushka shifted base to Mumbai a couple of years ago from Bangalore. Earlier, she stayed at the army colony in Malad. This is the first time that the actress has bought a house on her own and is very excited about it.”

By the way, when enquired the petite actress, Anushka confirmed the news and said, “I feel good about being able to buy a house at the age of 21. However, I am dying to be at home as I have had no time to actually enjoy it. First, I was away in the US for 40 days and now I am in Bangkok for a month.”
Shakira to Talk on Charity Work in Oxford
ShakiraShakira is all set to enter Oxford to talk about her charity work in South America.

The Colombian artist is due to appear at the Oxford Union on 7 December.

The “Hips don’t lie” hit-maker’s charity Barefoot has built schools in parts of her country hit by civil war.

It has also provided uniforms, equipment and food to 750 children.

Her record label RCA said Shakira hoped her talk in Oxford would publicise her charity as she tried to give it an international presence.
Nicole Richie returns to small screen
Nicole RichieIt has emerged that mum-of-two Nicole Richie is returning to the small screen as the star of a new TV sitcom.

The former “Simple Life” star pitched to bosses at US network ABC for show.

She will produce the series, in which she’ll star as a working woman juggling her family and love life.

In the past, the 28 year old notched up guest appearances on TV hit Chuck, as well as 8 Simple Rules and American Dreams.
Priyanka Chopra and Shahid Kapur re-ignite their Romance
Priyanka ChopraAbsence makes the heart grow fonder” is one adage that stands true in the case of Shahid Kapur and Priyanka Chopra. The lovebirds, who had recently ended their romantic sojourn, are back together after they bumped into each other in Bangkok. And reunion is sure good for the hot duo as they are happier than ever.

Ending their months long affair, the couple had churned juicy fodder for the ever so curious gossipmongers. Latest reports reveal that the two actors have rekindled their relationship.

After their split, both Shahid and Priyanka headed to Bangkok for their respective film shoots. While Priyanka was there for Sajid Nadiadwala’s next, Shahid was shooting for a Yash Raj film. And as coincidence would have it, the duo bumped into each other during their stay at the same hotel.

Well back in the arms of her beau, Priyanka sure has found all the reasons to be happy again.
Joanna Krupa does PETA pet campaign
Joanna Krupa PETA ad
Playboy top model Joanna Krupa has once again bared all - this time for PETA Christmas pet store campaign.

The Polish beauty will strip in an effort to make animal lovers think twice before buying a puppy from a pet store.

She will appear as a winged angel, covered by a carefully-placed crucifix, in the new billboard.

“We’re trying to spread the word that breeding isn’t the way to go. Somebody needs to put their foot down and stop this breeding and these puppy mills… It makes me so angry that our government doesn’t do anything about it. So I am!”, said Krupa.

Cover girl of Playboy magazine’s December issue, Krupa defended women who drop their clothes for the magazine, insisting that the act empowers them.

Tuesday, December 1

Sonam Kapoor dating Punit Malhotra
Sonam KapoorDaddy’s girl, Sonam Kapoor is in love. The young lady has made a special place for another man in her life. The dainty lass, who owing to her classic doll like frame and perfect mannerism has often steered away from controversies, has stirred quite an hornet’s nest this time round.

And it’s all thanks to her up close and cosy relationship with debutant director Punit Malhotra.

Shooting for Karan Johar’s “I Hate Love Stories”, the stunner seems to be quite sweet on the director Punit Malhotra. What’s more is that the two are often seen hanging out, post the shoot of the film.

As for Punit, the director is designer Manish Malhotra’s nephew. Punit was smitten with Sonam right from the time he met her to narrate the script. And with Sonam going out of her way to spend time with Punit, the feeling seems to be mutual.

The two are often spotted together at dinners and they don’t seem averse to going public with their relationship. And only time will tell how this love story fares out.

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