Monday, November 30

Priyanka Chopra meets An Accident
Priyanka ChopraPriyanka Chopra seems to have a tendency to fall in trouble every time. The actress, who has been making rounds in and out of the hospital, met with a minor accident on the sets of her upcoming film ‘Anjaana Anjaani’. The actress is nursing a foot injury and has been advised complete bed rest for over a week.

Though the actress has sustained no serious injuries, she has been advised not to step her foot out of her room. Said a source, "It was a minor accident and thankfully, with no major injuries to Priyanka. In Bangkok, Priyanka was required to do a scene in the ocean, where she unknowingly stepped on a pointed rock. As a result, she lost her grip and ended up getting bruised on her foot."

"Director Siddharth Anand and the crew ran to her rescue, but luckily, nothing major had happened. The shoot wasn’t stalled. Priyanka just applied an ointment and was back on her feet for the shot. Ranbir Kapoor, reportedly, was not required for the scene and so wasn’t present. Priyanka is currently shooting in Pattaya, Thailand with the rest of the cast and crew," the source added.

This isn’t the first time that Priyanka has had an accident. In the past too, the stunner was hurt while doing stunts for ‘Drona’ and ‘Kaminey’.
Eva Mendes wanted to be a nun in childhood
Eva MendesGhost Rider actress Eva Mendes says she wanted to be a nun since childhood, but gave up her dream after realising that nuns didn’t get paid.

"We grew up, not in a poor, poor family, but lower middle class - a lot of bills and my mother was always stressing about money and stuff. And I would promise her, “Mum, I’m gonna buy you a house and pay all your bills one day”.

"My older sister said, “How you gonna do all this? Don’t you know nuns don’t get paid?” And I was like, “What?”, the actress has quoted.

Otherwise, Mendes felt a convent career would have been perfect for her.

Sunday, November 29

Eesha Koppikhar got married with Timmy Narang
Eesha KoppikharBollywood actress Eesha Koppikhar tied the knot with restaurateur Timmy Narang at a temple in a ceremony that was attended by close family and friends.

The 33 year old married beau Narang at the ISKCON Temple in Juhu in traditional Maharashtrian style.

"The wedding ceremony took place for around four hours in Maharashtrian style. Eesha was wearing a red and yellow sari and the groom was wearing a cream sherwani. They left the temple around 3 pm.

"They brought their own priest and we just provided the hall and the food. They had a booking here from 9 am to 3 pm.”, said an official.

The auspicious time scheduled for the wedding was 11 am.

"I am very excited and I can’t wait to get married”, said Narang before entering the temple.

A reception is scheduled around 9 pm Sunday night at the Narang House in Pali Hill.
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Being bikini babe is not my goal: Shenaz Treasurywala
Shenaz TreasurywalaVJ turned actress Shenaz Treasurywala, who plays a simple, sweet girl in forthcoming flick ‘Radio’, says she has rejected quite a few roles requiring her to wear bikinis and do item numbers.. not that she doesn’t wear swimsuits in real life.

"I did reject quite a few offers that required me to wear a bikini and do item numbers. That is not where I want to go with my career. Also, there are lots of bikini and item girls out there. They are fabulous at what they do; I don’t judge them at all. But then I don’t want to join them or compete with them”, said Shenaz.

"I’ll do what the role requires me to do. I am professional. As long as it’s required and the film really needs it. It should not be there just to sell tickets but to tell a story. I am talented, I have a personality and this is my strength," the actress said, while maintaining that she isn’t saying an outright no to donning a particular costume.

Even though she has acted only in a handful of films like "Ishq Vishk", "Hum Tum" and "Aagey Se Right", she feels that being an item girl is not really her goal.

"You get into exposing if all you have is a sexy body; or may be if you are a magnificent dancer and being an item girl is your career goal. It’s just not my thing or my talent," she said.

"I am a good actor and I am a brilliant host. I write well too. I want to concentrate on these three interests and talents," she added.

While Shenaz isn’t keen on wearing skimpy clothes on screen, she isn’t someone who shies away from wearing a bikini in real life. In fact, Shenaz prides herself in being the proud owner of a closet full of bikinis.

"I swim every day and swimming is my salvation. Nothing in the world makes me feel more relaxed. I am a complete water baby and wear a bikini in the pool every day. In fact I have a whole collection of bikinis. So, I’m not prudish or anything," the actress said.

This is the reason why she believes in the saying “never say never”.

Saturday, November 28

Victoria Beckham to relaunch her denim line dVb
Victoria Beckham DenimVictoria Beckham is set to relaunch her denim clothing collection after it failed to lure clients last year.

The singer-turned-fashion designer was said to have given the range a makeover and will try to launch it again under her own name.

The style icon’s dVb range was reportedly taken off shelves by top Los Angeles boutique Kitson and US department store Saks Fifth Avenue over poor sales.

The 35 year old was allegedly bent on persisting her denim diva dreams and has introduced new designs under the label Victoria Beckham Denim.

The mum of three’s spring (10) launch of Victoria Beckham Denim purportedly starts at 225 dollars.
Rihanna flew around the world for new album – Rated R
RihannaSinger Rihanna has revealed she jetted all over the globe to find inspiration for her new album ‘Rated R’.

The Barbados born singer was determined to make her fourth studio album her best yet and she discovered her influences for the same while travelling the world to find talented collaborators.

"We recorded in New York, L.A., London, Paris. I’m a musician and a musician first. The fame and all that stuff comes with it but nothing is worth it without the music being great. I didn’t care where I had to go - I knew the musicians I wanted to work with, the producers and the writers. Wherever my creative energy was at that moment I went," she said.

"London - most of my creative energy comes from there. Every time I’m there, I get really inspired, really creative. It’s crazy because I just get a really good vibe when I’m there."

"Paris - we were shooting my album cover shoot and doing Fashion Week. We were in Paris so we had to. New York - I spent most of the summer here so again we recorded here. LA - I live there and a lot of producers and songwriters live there too. It was just a matter of timing and the people I wanted to work with," she said.
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Friday, November 27

Seal to adopt Heidi Klum's daughter
Heidi KlumSinger Seal wants to officially adopt wife Heidi Klum’s daughter with Formula One boss Flavio Briatore.

The “Kiss From A Rose” singer is eager to take legal guardianship of five year old Leni - and has already begun the legal proceedings.

"Heidi, Seal and the kids have always been a happy family - in everyday life and in their hearts. Then they should also be happy on paper”, said Heidi’s father Guenther.

Seal - who has three children with Heidi, Henry (4), Johan (3), and 6 week old Lou - has been given the go-ahead by Flavio to adopt Leni.

Seal has always classed Leni as his own daughter, even though he did not father her, and he got together with Heidi while she was still pregnant with Leni.

Seal has previously said: "Leni is my first child. Just like Henry I saw her take shape and move in Heidi’s body. And I was present at her birth, too.

"Leni is my daughter and Henry is my son. I am happy to have two healthy children and that Henry will soon be saying papa to me just like Leni does already," he added.

Thursday, November 26

Miley Cyrus considers herself as Coolest Person Ever
Miley CyrusMiley Cyrus believes she is the “coolest person ever.”

When asked if she gets star-struck, the ‘Hannah Montana’ star replied that she’s never scared of meeting other famous people because she is far trendier than everyone she knows.

"No, I’m pretty cool. I’m pretty much the coolest person ever”, said Miley.

Meanwhile, she added that one thing similar between her and a normal teenage girl is that she considers “High School Musical” star Zac Efron to be ‘hot’.

She said, “There are not many things about me that are like a normal teenage girl. But the one normal teenage girl thing is that I think Zac Efron is the hottest person in the world. I really, really like him.

“And it’s weird. It’s weird because he’s my friend. I think also the reason he is so sexy is because he and Vanessa Hudgens have been together since the first “High School Musical” and I think that’s really cool."
Katherine Jenkins cancels concert due to illness
Katherine JenkinsKatherine Jenkins has been forced to cancel her London concert after being inflicted with a stomach bug.

The Welsh singer had to be rushed to a hospital.

She Tweeted a post: "Still feel pretty awful (Norovirus apparently). Just wanted 2 (sic) say sorry 2 (sic) all those who were coming to iTunes."

“A hospital visit last night has made a big difference and I feel I am coming out the other side of it. I hate letting you all down."

The Welsh singer was set to perform at the iTunes concert apart from making a string of promotional appearances to promote her new album ‘Believe.’

Wednesday, November 25

Nicole Richie recovering pneumonia
Nicole RichieNicole Richie has revealed that she still needs to stay home in bed and recover from her bout with pneumonia.

28 year old Richie, had been hospitalised following the illness, thanked her fans for the support they gave her.

“Right now it’s important for me to stay in bed and recover”, said Nicole.

“Reading all of your messages on Twitter and my website has really brightened my spirits and I am so grateful for the support. I look forward to seeing you all very soon and wish you a happy Thanksgiving,” she wrote on her blog.

She also apologized for missing promotional appearances, saying she was disappointed at not being able to see her business partners and fans.

“I’d like to thank you all for the kind words and well wishes over the past few weeks,” she added.
Katrina Kaif suffereing from jaundice
Katrina KaifDelicate beauty Katrina Kaif has gone pale! And it has nothing to do with her wobbly love life or jam packed schedule, the actress is down with jaundice and has been advised a complete bed rest.

But even with her low hemoglobin count, the stunner is much concerned about the publicity of her upcoming film ‘De Dana Dan’ as she won’t be able to partake in the marketing of the film.

After ignoring the symptoms of the disease and working round the clock for days, it was on Sunday that her illness took a final toll on her. "That’s when Katrina realised something was seriously wrong. She was taken to the doctor who performed a series of tests on her. It was found that her hemoglobin count had gone down drastically", said a friend.

On Monday evening, the actress went for a check-up to a hospital where she was diagnosed with the disease. After spending nearly five hours there, she returned home. As of now the actress has been advised not to move out of home and take as much rest as possible.

"She’s trying to rest so that she can fulfill her commitments as soon as possible. The doctor has advised her complete bed rest”, said her business manager.

Tuesday, November 24

Susan Sarandon honored with Lifetime Achievement Award
Susan SarandonAmerican actress Susan Sarandon was presented with a top award at the Stockholm International Film Festival in Sweden.

The 63 year old Oscar winning actress was given the lifetime achievement award for her contribution to the world of cinema.

Swedish actor Gustaf Hammarsten handed the 15pound bronze horse statuette to Sarandon.

"The roles Susan Sarandon has played often gain a life of their own beyond the films themselves”, said Hammarsten.

"Reflection, seduction and rebellion animate her characters and seem to be the key tools in her repertoire."

Sarandon addressed the audience after receiving the award.

She said: "I am very happy that I’m still working, that I’m able to get jobs when a lot of people that I started out with are no longer working. I still have a really good time, and as long as that continues I’ll continue to do it."

Monday, November 23

Raj Kundra and Shilpa Shetty got Married
Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty and her beau, London based businessman Raj Kundra, entered the holy wedlock on Sunday, 22nd November 2009. Finally, it was the D-day for the couple where both exchanged marriage vows at the Bawa Villa.
Shilpa Shetty Raj Kundra Marriage
The wedding was a gala celebration, which was graced by numerous B-town celebrities and other guests. The wedding took place at a heavily decorated venue amidst tight security.

For the marriage ceremony, Raj rode on a chariot and reached the sparkling Khandala venue to wed his sweetheart Shilpa. The bridegroom was sporting a turban with his face veiled by a sehra made of stringa of pearls. He was also holding wearing a sword, as per Indian tradition. The Bollywood beauty was wearing a saree-cum-lehnga by ace designer Tarul Tahiliani, which was embellished with Swarovski crystals with red details. Apart from other Bollywood celebrities, actor Rohit Roy and Jackky Bhagnani were also spotted dancing in the baraat.

The wedding took place between 5 and 6 pm and was performed in a Bunt style, with Shilpa donning a traditional South Indian lehenga.

The marriage vows were exchanged in the Mangalorean tradition while the pre-marriage rituals were conducted in the Punjabi style. Shetty belongs to the Bunt community in Mangalore while Kundra is a Punjabi.

"Shilpa is very happy to get married to Raj. She will be a daughter first, than a daughter-in-law. So I think woh bhangda karke doli mein baithegi,” said Shilpa’s friend and business partner Kiran Bawa, who is playing the host of the wedding.

The couple will leave for Mumbai on Sunday evening itself. A reception has been arranged in Mumbai on November 24 for Shilpa’s Bollywood guests. The couple will then leave for their honeymoon in Bahamas.

Sunday, November 22

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Deepika Padukone Photo Shoot for Verve Magazine (Nov 2009)
Deepika Padukone Photoshoot for Verve Magazine (November 2009)
Deepika Padukone for VerveDeepika Padukone for Verve
This November you will find Deepika Padukone in Verve Nagazine. She appears on the cover of the glamour Magazie where she shows off her assets. She has moved on from her relation with long time boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor and she doesn’t seem to be worried at all. Here are some of the pictures of Deepika Padukone for Verve Magazine.
Deepika Padukone for VerveDeepika Padukone for Verve
Deepika Padukone for Verve

Saturday, November 21

Priyanka Chopra and Shahid Kapur flaunt same Mobile Number
Priyanka ChopraBollywood hottie Priyanka Chopra and Shahid Kapur have apparently not been too willing to be associated with each other, of late. But now, it’s a mobile number which has perhaps gone against their wishes!

In Madhur Bhandarkar’s blockbuster flick ‘Fashion’, there was a scene where Priyanka, who played a model, displayed a mobile number on screen at every audition. And now, Shahid, who plays a film aspirant in Ken Ghosh’s ‘Chance Pe Dance’, has been spotted displaying the same mobile number in the theatrical trailer of the film.

Well, this reportedly happened because both the films have been presented by the same film corporation (UTV), which mistakenly got Priyanka and Shahid displaying the same mobile number!

According to a source, “If it had struck Shahid that the number he was holding on the slate is the same one that Priyanka had used in ‘Fashion’, he would probably have asked the writers to change it. Now he has just to live with the fact that what was once Priyanka’s is now his by default, if not by design.”
Nandita Das dating industrialist Subodh Maskara
Nandita DasSo what if Nandita Das got divorced twice!! “Once smitten twice shy” doesn’t seem to hold much meaning for method actor Nandita, for the recently divorced actress has decided to move on. According to buzz world, Nandita is now seeing Subodh Maskara, a Mumbai based industrialist. The couple is also said to be looking at buying a home together and have been spotted looking at various flats in Worli area. Nandita, who had married her long time friend Soumya Sen some years back, divorced him due to unknown reasons. Her marriage with Subodh was a second one for both. The 40 year old Nandita is presently keeping a low profile.
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Friday, November 20

Vivek Oberoi declared real hero for animals by PETA
Vivek OberoiBollywood actor Vivek Oberoi, who recently turned vegetarian has been hailed as "the real hero for all animals" by the animal welfare organisation PETA.

After learning that Oberoi has gone the veggie way members of the animal rights group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) India sent a gift to the actor thanking him for his kind choice.

"By going vegetarian, Vivek Oberoi has proved that he is a real hero for all animals", PETA’s Campaign Coordinator Nikunj Sharma said in a statement.

"Kicking the meat habit is the best thing that anyone can do for animals, their own health and the Earth," Sharma added.

Oberoi reportedly left eating meat after being persuaded by his “Kurbaan” co-star Kareena Kapoor who is a strict vegan.

Another Bollywood heartthrob, who prefers vegetables over meat, is Shahid Kapoor.
Johnny Depp named Sexiest Man Alive
Johnny Depp - Sexiest Man AliveJohnny Depp was named People magazine’s "Sexiest Man Alive" for a second time, joining an elite club of double honourees that includes George Clooney and Brad Pitt.

People magazine described the swashbuckling "Pirates of the Caribbean" movie star as "the king of cool with the killer cheekbones". Depp, who also took the title in 2003, succeeded 2008 winner Hugh Jackman.

when asked about his second time honor, People senior editor Kate Coyne told: "He was sexy ten years ago, he’ll be sexy ten years from now. He appeals to multiple generations of women - and for many different reasons to different kinds of women."

Depp’s recent roles include 1930s gangster John Dillinger in "Public Enemies" and the murderous London barber "Sweeney Todd". His next screen role is as the Mad Hatter in director Tim Burton’s adaptation of "Alice in Wonderland" which is due for release in March 2010.

In real life, Coyne noted that 46 year old, Depp was also a committed father of two.

"He’s sort of everything," Coyne said. "He’s a guy’s guy, kind of a bad boy, he’s a respected artist and actor. You know, he’s got a little bit of everything."

People also gave a nod to the popularity of vampire-themed movies and TV shows, adding the likes of "Twilight" heartthrob.

Robert Pattinson and "Vampire Diaries" star Ian Somerhalder to its sexiest issue.

Matt Bomer, star of the new USA TV series "White Collar" was named sexiest rising star. Other newcomers to People’s 2009 list include "American Idol" runner-up Adam Lambert and "Glee" actors Matthew Morrison, Cory Monteith and Mark Salling.

Past winners of People’s sexiest man alive title include Matt Damon (2007), Matthew McConaughey (2005), Jude Law (2004) and Ben Affleck (2002).
Top South Korean model Daul Kim found dead in Paris
Daul KimOne of South Korea’s top fashion models has been found dead at her home in Paris. The Foreign Ministry official says French police found 20 year old Daul Kim’s body on Thursday.

He says French police are investigating the cause of death. He refused to provide further details and asked not to be named, citing government policy.

Media reports are calling it an apparent suicide. Kim’s modeling agency in South Korea, Esteem, says agency officials and her family are heading to Paris.

The statuesque Kim was a fixture at fashion weeks in Paris, London, Milan and New York. She was known for her quirky style and was an accomplished painter and filmmaker.
Hugh Grant thinking to be a father at 49
Hugh GrantBritish actor Hugh Grant says he didn’t want to have kids a decade ago but now, at age 49, he thinks to be a father.

"I have so many nephews and nieces and cousins and godchildren, I like the thought of kids, but that’s on the basis that I can leave after 10 minutes. I don’t know what it would be like 24 hours a day. I think I’d have a lot of nannies”, said Grant.

"But I haven’t given up hope. I find I’m not as bad with children as I used to be," he added.

Thursday, November 19

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Deepika Padukone goes US for vacation
Deepika PadukoneNursing a broken heart post her break-up with Ranbir Kapoor, sassy Deepika Padukone has finally decided to take a break from her hectic schedule. Looking forward to calm her nerves and escape the prying media glares that follow her around in hope of a breakdown, the stunner will be taking a short break and head for a holiday with her family to US.

What’s more is that this will not be a typical ‘lone-time’ vacation; the actress will use the break to attend a cousin’s wedding in US.

Talking about her vacation to a news daily, a close friend of the beauty said, “Deepika has been working incessantly since the last three years. Also, she just broke up with Ranbir, so the break is a welcome relief for her. She signed ‘Om Shanti Om’ in 2006 and the back-to-back shooting schedules for other films left her with no personal time. Even before ‘Om Shanti Om’ released, she was working on ‘Chandni Chowk to China’. As soon as she completed these two films, she got busy with ‘Love Aaj Kal’. Recently, she completed shooting for Farhan’s ‘Karthik Calling Karthik’ and Sajid’s ‘Housefull’. When the rest-deprived Deepika got an opportunity to spend time with family, she immediately grabbed it.”

As of now the sassy belle will be spending ten days in US. “Since there is a lot of speculation about her personal life due to her break-up with Ranbir, she wants to come back rejuvenated,” added her friend.

Deepika said, “My brother is getting married. It is the first big wedding in the family and I am looking forward to it. I believe it is very important to make time for family, no matter how hectic one’s life is.”

Wednesday, November 18

Fashion label Luella stops trading
Luella Bartley ProductsLuella Bartley, the young British designer whose quirky yet feminine designs have adorned model Kate Moss and singer Lily Allen, has become the latest fashion casualty of the recession.

Bartley’s label, Luella, ceased trading after its ready-to-wear producer closed last month and its main financial backer pulled the plug on any further investment, the company said in a statement.

Luella Bartley Ltd said its key producer in Italy, Carla Carini, unexpectedly closed last month, leaving the brand unable to fulfill its spring/summer 2010 orders.

VSQ Ltd, which also distributes for Armani, advised Luella that it had decided not to invest further in the label, the statement said.

Bartley won Designer of the Year at last year’s British Fashion Awards and her Luella-branded designs are popular with a number of celebrities.

"This is a very disappointing situation for everyone involved with the brand," Luella Bartley said.

Bartley, a former British journalist who founded her company a decade ago, has attracted continued adulation from the fashion press and her celebrity fans.

"We have a number of options open to us and are considering these over the coming months," Bartley said.
Luella Bartley Products
Known for its idiosyncratic and humorous mix of punk details and party dresses, Luella is the label of choice for the streetwise British girl-about-town and is regularly worn by London gossip-page regulars Alexa Chung, Allen and the daughters of singer/campaigner Bob Geldof.

The designer once described her look as "the kind of clothes you can get drunk and fall over in."

Luella handbags, hair accessories and leather goods sell well: the dresses - around 500 pounds ($800) each - may not be cheap but they are popular in boutiques as well as in up-market high street stockists and her range of graphic T-shirts provides a "way in" to the brand at a lower price.

Bartley launched Luella in 1999. Her fusion of traditional British influences - Crombie coats and hunting jackets - with quirky modern details chimed with a revived "Cool Britannia" movement. She opened her flagship store on Mayfair’s Brook Street in 2007.
Lisa Ray to undergo stem cell transplant to treat cancer
Lisa RayBollywood actress Lisa Ray will undergo a stem cell transplant to treat her multiple myeloma, an incurable form of blood cancer.

The 37 year old star was diagnosed with the cancer of the bone marrow in June and has been undergoing chemotherapy since July.

Toronto born Lisa made this announcement while visiting the Marshall McLuhan Catholic Secondary School where her film "Water", directed by Deepa Mehta, was screened.

Ray, who was born to a Polish mother and Bengali father, said the process for a stem cell transplant would begin next week in a city hospital.

The procedure would begin by releasing her own stem cells into her blood, then collecting them and later freezing them, she said.

Calling it a "reboot" of her system, she said the process would take up to two weeks to complete.

After this, she would put on a waiting list for a stem cell transplant.

"Healing isn’t just about the physical procedures.

"You need to be emotionally and spiritually and psychologically in the right frame of mind".

She said she was taking a break from acting to complete the treatment.

Multiple myeloma destroys the red blood cells in the body. With advancement in treatment, a multiple myeloma patient can now live up to 20 years.

Ray, who lives in the Etobicoke suburb of the city, has been sharing her experiences on a blog called The Yellow Diaries.

Ray recently appeared at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) gala of her film "Cooking with Stella", directed by Deepa Mehta.

Shot mostly in the Canadian High Commission in New Delhi, the film is a hilarious comedy featuring Ray as the wife of a Canadian diplomat (played by Don McKellar) posted in New Delhi.

Seema Biswas plays the role of the wily cook Stella who tries to fool her Canadian masters.
Salman Khan slapped by a Delhi socialite
Salman KhanIt may sound shocking but bollywood’s bad-boy Salman Khan was at the receiving end of a tight slap by a builder’s daughter. The hot-blooded actor was left shell stunned when the 20 something high-spirited girl called Monika slapped the actor in a party attended by the who’s who of filmdom. But the macho actor was at his chivalrous best as he reacted calmly and instructed the security guards to escort the lady out.

The incident happened at a private party held in the capital to celebrate the success of Sanjana Jon’s fashion show. Attended by Sushmita Sen, Sohail Khan, Salman Khan, Riya Sen, Amaan and Ayaan Ali Khan, the party had the creme of Delhi attending it.

A source said, "The party went on till the wee hours of morning. A sloshed Monika accompanied by a male friend first tried to forcefully enter the party venue. She was too loud and completely out of control because of her intoxicated state. Sohail Khan, who was standing close to the entrance, saw the hungama and asked the security guards not to let Monika in.”

“Meanwhile, Salman heard the commotion and walked to where Monika was making a fuss. She was misbehaving and started bragging about her connections and abused Sushmita Sen. When Salman very politely asked the girl to leave, she suddenly slapped the actor,” adds the source.

Suddenly a crowd gathered and the guards whisked away the girl. “Surprisingly, Salman did not retaliate even once. He kept his cool and went inside with Sohail after the girl was taken away,” says the source.

Tuesday, November 17

Cheap Digital Camera available for gift
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Katrina Kaif all set for production
Katrina Kaif Katrina Kaif isn’t just a pretty face; the stunner has brains too! Out to get a greater say in filmmaking process, the actress who had been contemplating to open her own production house, has zeroed in on a film to mark her production debut.

The dazzling beauty is set to act and produce the desi remake of the French film, A la folie, pas du tout (He loves me… he loves me not).

Audrey Tautou’s performance in the film has won rave reviews from around the globe. Going by its popularity and the storyline that chiefly centers around the female protagonist, Katrina is all geared up to give the French film a Hindi remake.

Confirming the news a source told a news daily, “Katrina fell in love with the film after she saw it. In fact, she wanted to make the film the very moment she saw it. The actress has already spoken to the concerned people and will acquire the rights of the film soon. French actress Audrey Tautou has won a lot of accolades for this film.”

As for the director of the film, Kat is vying to get Vipul Shah on-boards. “The film is filled with emotions and Katrina strongly believes that Vipul will be able to translate it onto the big screen. The film is a love story about a young artist who sees the world through rose-tinted glasses, especially when it comes to her love. The cast of the film is yet to fall in place. The film will go on the floors next year,” adds the source.
Online Sports Betting Portal
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Monday, November 16

Kareena Kapoor to receive a special Christmas Gift
Kareena KapoorThis year’s Christmas is surely going to be very special for Kareena Kapoor. The actress is already looking forward to the release of her much-awaited flick ‘3 Idiots’ on December 25, and now the latest news suggests that she’s also awaiting to receive a special X’mas tree that will come shipped in from UK.

Reports reveal that recently when Bebo was in London to promote her film ‘Kurbaan’, she indulged in shopping at Harrods, and the actress fell in love with a huge fir tree. So, she decided to ship it back, instead of having an artificial tree in parlour this time.

Kareena said, "I am very excited about the natural fir tree I chose from Harrods. They have a wonderful Christmas department there. I did all my X’mas shopping there. For the last 20 years, we’ve had Christmas plum pudding shipped from there, as it’s my mom’s favourite and the best in this world. Normally, we have fake fir trees for Christmas at home. They are not too large and look synthetic. So when I saw this huge, beautiful, lush green, natural tree, I couldn’t resist it! I bought it and had it shipped back through Karan’s production team as I couldn’t carry it back myself."

Meanwhile, Kareena is looking forward to the release of ‘3 Idiots’, also starring Aamir Khan.
Dannii Minogue all set to wed again
Dannii MinogueSinger Dannii Minogue, who had vowed never to marry again, has had a change of heart and is considering to tie the knot with model boyfriend Kris Smith.

The X-Factor judge admits that the previous relationships had shaken her faith in love but the 38 year old singer believes that she has found the man with whom she wants to live "forever" in Smith.

Minogue was previously married to actor Julian McMahon and was engaged to racing driver Jacques Villeneuve.

"It’s (marriage) a possibility. I never thought I’d be saying this but I’ve found the guy I want to be with forever."

"I’d given up on love but then, as a few girlfriends had told me, it’s when you’ve given up looking that you meet that special someone," she said.

The Australian beauty said she was too scared to approach Smith, when she first saw him and it was a friend who introduced the couple.

"I wouldn’t have even spoken to him on that fateful night had the friend I was with not caught us looking at each other, finally saying, I can’t stand this anymore. I’m going to invite him over.”

"I was mortified, saying “Don’t! I won’t speak to him if you do!” And even when Kris did introduce himself, I acted really cool, thinking we’d have nothing in common. It just goes to prove how wrong you can be."
Victoria Beckham takes fashion advice from David Beckham
Victoria BeckhamVictoria Beckham asks husband David Beckham for advice on her fashion range and says he fancies "dresses" designed by her.

According to reports the singer-turned-fashion designer’s fashion range and dress designs are popular with celebrities including Elle Macpherson, Dannii Minogue and Heidi Klum.

"I show him the dresses. He’s incredibly supportive - he finds the dresses sexy because they are leaving something to the imagination, as opposed to being overtly sexy," she said.

Speaking about her recent appearance on the cover of elite fashion magazine Harper’s Bazaar, the 35 year old admitted that she wanted the photographs to turn out well so she could look back at them with pride when she is older.

"I didn’t want to rely on retouching. I wanted to look at the pictures in 20 years’ time and say, “Wow, look - after three kids, I don’t look bad.” I’m not a supermodel, I make the best out of what I was given and work hard.

"I felt vulnerable. I’d never known nerves like it in my life. The night before, I got nodules in my throat. I’d never felt such anxiety," said the mother of three sons - Brooklyn (10), Romeo (7) and Cruz (4).

Sunday, November 15

Vidya Balan wants to have a son
Vidya BalanVidya Balan seems to be extremely excited about her upcoming flick ‘Paa’, and the actress recently talked about her experience of working with the two superstar Bachchans.

Vidya, who plays Amitabh Bachchan’s mother in ‘Paa’, has revealed that she’s very impressed by Abhishek’s caring behaviour towards his father. According to the actress, during the shooting of the film, Abhi used to take such good care of Pa Amitabh that she herself wishes to have a son like Abhishek in real life.

"I would prefer a son like Abhishek. I have seen him with his father on the sets, he was so nice to his father that I was touched," said Vidya.

Talking about the film, "The film is all about Auro and all through the film there is a certain sensibility about Auro, but no sympathy is shown towards the 13 year old progeric child in the film," said Vidya.

When asked about her experience of playing a mother of a progeric child, Vidya confessed that she wasn’t really sure about doing the role when was approached by the director for the same. Vidya says, "Initially, I wondered how to do the role as I didn’t have that motherly instinct. But while working on the film I realised what motherhood is."

However, Vidya added that playing Amitabh’s mother wasn’t difficult at all. "I was a bit concerned initially but it was smooth sail once we started working together," Vidya says.
Elle Macpherson reveals beauty secrets
Elle MacphersonThe secret to supermodel Elle Macpherson’s ageless beauty is simple as she believes loving and laughing keep her healthy.

The 45 year old supermodel says that she has maintained her immaculate looks because she spends time on her own to relax, meditate and laugh.

"I take time for myself, I meditate and reconnect and it keeps me healthy. I want to be around for a long time and I need a healthy body, and a healthy body means making sure I get enough sleep, enough vitamins, eat properly, laugh a lot and love a lot," Macpherson said.

"I have less time than I used to, that’s for sure. Physical fitness is important to me and not because I need to maintain the shape people think I should be, but because I enjoy being physical from a deeper perspective. When I’m in London I work with my trainer James Duigan at Bodyism, otherwise I surf, ski, water ski and hike," the model added.

The supermodel is a mother to two sons 11 year old Flynn Alexander and six year old Aurelius Cy Andrea with her ex-boyfriend Arpad Busson.

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