Friday, December 31

Gordon Ramsay’s £30K hair transplant

Gordon RamsayTelly chef Gordon Ramsay reportedly had a 30,000- pound hair transplant at Alvi Armani center in Beverly Hills. The 44 year old, famed for his wild locks, spent a gruelling 12 hours having follicles painstakingly removed from lush patches of his scalp and reinserted where his hairline is thinning. The foul-mouthed Hell’s Kitchen star then scurried with a surgical-style cap on his swathed head to the underground car park of the Los Angeles clinic - where a chauffeur was waiting to whisk him away. "While his hair may not have been obviously receding, it had become an issue for him,” said a source.

“Some will call it vanity - but to TV producers and Gordon it’s a pre-emptive action to stop him suddenly going on TV with obvious thinning.

"He may like boiled eggs, but he doesn’t want to go on TV looking like one. Better to act now than have countless pictures and comment scrutinizing his hairline in years to come,” the source added.

Hair transplant guru Antonio Armani - the clinic’s founder - is believed to have performed a radical new treatment on the presenter.


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