Wednesday, December 31

Farhan Akhtar on cover of GQ
Kick starting 2009's magazine covers-story category is none other than the super cool magazine GQ. After having created a sensational launch in India with the super cool Saif Ali Khan, followed by Daniel Craig no less, GQ welcomes the New Year with the one and only Farhan Akhtar.
Farhan Akhtar
In this issue, the actor-director-extreme sportsman-rockstar etc, Farhan Akhtar speaks about life after Rock On, male bonding, star 'kid-dom' and breaking 'Bollywood formula' boundaries. Farhan, in this issue, speaks all of everything.

Explaining the reason to choose Farhan as the 'cover-boy', Che Kurrien, Editor GQ India, says, "For the cover of GQ India's first issue of 2009, we chose Farhan Akhtar - the renaissance man of Indian cinema. Akhtar acts, writes, directs and sings, inspiring men across the country to go and chase their dreams, whatever their line of work."
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Monday, December 29

Katrina Kaif shines with Nakshatra
Very recently Katrina Kaif who voted the sexiest woman by a UK based magazine and now it seems that she is quite allured by the tag. And after dethroning beauty queen Aishwarya Rai from the high chair of a brand ambassador of a famous diamond jewellery brand (Nakshatra), Katrina surely is flying high.

So how was it like to replace Ash to grab this plum project?

"It is nothing of that sort. It's just like any other profession. Nobody replaces anyone but the people behind the brand plan accordingly, looking for a change and keeping in mind the freshness and feel of their product. Aishwarya certainly looked awesome in earlier advertisements and now even I'm happy to be associated with it," Katrina gives a politically correct answer.

So what is it that Katrina looks for while endorsing a brand? Is it money or the happiness of throwing out the existing brand ambassador or is it something else?

"A lot of offers come my way every now and then, but I am very choosy. That's the reason you see me in very few ads. I prefer to work in them only if I feel they are worth it. I take my own decisions with a little research on that product, a bit of satisfaction and finally my gut feeling. I don't consult anyone before signing on the dotted line," says she.

Katrina has surely come a long way and needs no godfathers anymore.
Aishwarya Rai says no to fairness creams
Aishwarya Rai has recently turned down the offer to endorse a fairness cream of a global cosmetic company.

She has taken a firm stand that she will not endorse skin-lightening products in a country, which is obsessed with fair skin and discriminates against women with dark skin.

After Aishwarya turned down the offer, the cosmetic company signed Sonam Kapoor to endorse their product. The cosmetic company is positioning Sonam Kapoor as a “young face”, as opposed to Aishwarya Rai who may now be called the “older face” of the cosmetic industry.

“When Aishwarya Rai refused, the cosmetic company was forced to get Sonam Kapoor into the picture. They need an Indian face for the promotion of the fairness cream and Sonam Kapoor was the next ideal choice,” reveals a source.

Sunday, December 28

Aamir Khan starrer Ghajini gets English Subtitles
Aamir Khan starrer Ghajini will be screened with English subtitles in select cinema halls from coming Friday.

Big Cinemas, the exhibition arm of Reliance BIG Entertainment Ltd (RBEL) has announced this. This is for the sake of the hearing impaired and for those who don’t understand Hindi.

The idea is to ensure that the movie is viewed by maximum number of people.

The sub-titled digital prints of Ghajini will be screened at BIG cinema’s property in central Mumbai and at the Metro Big Cinema in South Mumbai.

Meanwhile, deputy director of Helen Keller Institute for Deaf & Blind, NU Nayak, has welcomed the initiative.

Saturday, December 27

Laura Elena Zuniga Huizar – The Mexican Beauty Queen goes jail
Laura Elena Zuniga HuizarThe Mexican beauty queen, Laura Elena Zuniga Huizar, who was arrested shortly before Christmas on suspected connections to illegal drugs has been sentenced to 40 days into jail. Laura Elena Zuniga Huizar, 23, who is Hispanic America Queen 2008 and was to represent Mexico in the Miss Universe 2009 pageant, is suspected of membership in a criminal organization, possessing illegal weapons and criminal violations of public health. She was arrested in Guadalajara along with eight heavily armed men during an anti-drug raid at a checkpoint in Guadalajara, about 600 km northwest of Mexico City.

Zuniga insisted at the time of her arrest that she did not know that her lover was a drug dealer and member of the Juarez drug cartel.

According to police, they were carrying automatic weapons, pistols, 16 mobile phones, $20,000 in cash and munitions.
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Asin Thotumkal shifting to Mumbai
It seems, the South Indian hottie Asin Thotumkal was waiting for this time. She is shifting to Mumbai now that her career in Bollywood has taken off, starting with Aamir Khan’s Ghajini.

Asin’s parents are also moving in with her in Bandra where she is in the lookout for a home. Her parents have moved from Chennai to Mumbai with her.

“Both of them gave up their jobs to be with me. Mom is a doctor. She has taken voluntary retirement. She manages my home now. And dad had seven business enterprises. He gave them up to look after my career. Right now I’m quite a handful and worth more than all his business ventures,” Asin reveals.

Asin, who is a fun loving and loves to talk, admits she was asked to keep quiet till “Ghajini” hits the screen. Directed by A.R. Murugadoss and produced by Allu Arvind, the film starring Aamir Khan in main lead was released Friday.

She will be moving into her new home in Bandra in January 2009.

Friday, December 26

Sonam Kapoor to endorse L’Oreal
Sonam KapoorCute and Fresh faced actress Sonam Kapoor has been signed by L’ Oreal to be the young face to endorses their brand. The Saawariya girl recently signed her first endorsement as brand ambassador for L’Oreal, making a mark on the international modeling network.

Inclusion of Sonam Kapoor doesn’t mean that the previous and precious L’ Oreal brand ambassador Aishwarya Rai has been removed. She will continue to be the face of L’Oreal for women in their 30’s.

And, Sonam will be the face of younger generation.

Insiders say that Sonam has already shot for her first ad, which will be launched in January 2009.
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Shah Rukh Khan among most powerful in world
According to Newsweek magazine, Shah Rukh Khan ranks as the 41st most powerful person in the World. He is one place above Osama Bin Laden and one place below Jeff Bezos, the owner of

Congress president Sonia Gandhi and Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan have been ranked among the 50 most powerful people. US President-elect Barack Obama topped the list.

Placing Mrs. Gandhi at the 17th spot, the magazine said: “Although India’s political scene is driven by factions, Congress remains the strongest national force, and the Italian-born wife of Rajiv Gandhi rules it unchallenged. In the world’s largest democracy, she’s queen.” Shah Rukh Khan, ranked 41st, was described as the “King of Bollywood.

Pakistan army chief Ashfaq Parvez Kayani, who controlled the country’s nuclear weapons, was placed 20th on the list of the global “power elite” at the beginning of 2009 in the magazine’s January issue.

Barack Obama, who scripted history by becoming the first black-American to be voted to the White House, was followed by Chinese President Hu Jintao, French President Nicolas Sarkozy, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, German Chancellor Angela Markel and Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. A surprise inclusion, which the magazine admitted was subjective, was Osama Bin Laden, termed a “global terrorist.” North Korean dictator Jim Jong II also found a place.

Others on the list include the Dalai Lama, the former U.S. president, Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary, Iranian strongman Ayatollah Ali Khemenei, Saudi King Abdullah-bin-Abdul Aziz-al Saud, American General David Petraeus, Iraqi leader Nouri al-Maliki, U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, New York mayor Michael Bloomberg, Pope Benedict XVI, media mogul Rupert Murdoch and popular show host Oprah Winfrey.
Schools for Medical Assistants
A Medical Assistant is not new to us. In fact, it’s a post which used to be there since very early days, but the name is revised. It may be named as ward secretary to some places; but the kind of job responsibilities are the same.

Medical Assistants are responsible for the routine administrative and clinical tasks in the hospitals and clinics. They are responsible for the smooth running of the healthcare departments, hospitals etc.

A Medical Assistant shouldn’t be confused with a physician assistant. Medical assistants don’t have any duties related with the diagnosis and treatment of the patients whereas physicians do have that sometimes.

In many countries, Medical Assistants are taken on the basis of their past experience/ tests/ training program. But there are some countries which require the candidate who has fulfilled a formal course designed for the medical students only.

Medical Assistants who can deal with both the administrative and clinical duties are called as generalists. Hence, medical assistants have very clearly defined job responsibilities.

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Thursday, December 25

Scarlett Johansson will not be a mum soon

Hollywood actress Scarlett Johansson has declared that she will not expand her family any time soon.

The newlywed star who got her big break with “Horse Whisperer” said in a recent interview to Entertainment Tonight that she and husband Ryan Reynolds wouldn’t be becoming parents anytime soon.

“I’m 24 years old! I’ve got a lot of time for that,” she told Entertainment Tonight adding, “I love to work and I’m enjoying myself right now.”

But that doesn’t mean the star who has been on the list of the most beautiful people in the world many times, will never be ready to be a mother.

“Someday in the distant future I’m sure I’ll want to enjoy that part of my life. But I’m not ready for that yet,” she said.

The glamorous actress has recently been in news for auctioning off her used tissue to support a charity.
Neetu Singh covers Good Housekeeping
One of the hottest moms of bollywood graces the cover of Good Housekeeping. This hot mom can be described as the evergreen garden-fresh and sparkling dew-drop. Well, we are talking about Neetu Singh, who stands as the cover-girl of 'Good Housekeeping', the premier magazine of house keeping.

Neetu, on her part, gets nostalgic about a lot of things, which includes her transformation from a child actor to a full-fledged heroine, her 'growing up' years with the still-a-heartthrob and hubby Rishi Kapoor, her quitting the tinsel town at the age of 21, her 'multiple roles' as a wife to Rishi and mother to the new-age heartbeat Ranbir Kapoor, rumors etc & etc.

And this one is for all those envious eyes who always wanted to know the secret of this diva's flawless skin; she actually lets the cat out of her bag by giving out the eternal secrets that has helped her maintain the Numero Uno status till today.

Sunday, December 21

Anushka Sharma looking for real life Surinder Sahni
Model turned actress Anushka Sharma, who debuted opposite Shah Rukh Khan in “Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi”, reveals that she would like her dream guy to be like Surinder Sahni, the middle-class nice guy played by the superstar in the film. She also says she never dreamt of becoming an actress.

“I would love to have someone like Surinder. He should be a nice man. I believe in having a man who is beautiful and strong from inside. Inner beauty is most important. But I found Suri to be handsome and good-looking too,” Anushka said.

Directed by Aditya Chopra, “Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi” is the story of a mismatched couple played by Shah Rukh and Anushka and how the two of them find love in the backdrop of a dance competition.

The model-turned-actress considers herself “fortunate” to have landed a debut with Yash Raj Films and, that too, opposite Shah Rukh, but Anushka says she had never planned to become a Bollywood heroine. “I never dreamt of becoming an actress; so it is not a dream come true for me,” she said.

Anushka, who is under a three-film contract with the Yash Raj banner, said she would be concentrating on those projects for now. “I have signed a three-film contract with Yash Raj. But I am free to do any other project if I wish,” she clarified.

Saturday, December 20

Hugh Jackman crowned Sexiest Man Alive 2008 by People
People magazine has crowned Hugh Jackman as the “Sexiest Man Alive 2008”. Now he joins the ranks of Hollywood's hottest stars.

The tall and lanky Australian actor, Hugh Jackman, added that extra zing to his roles in 'Van Helsing' and 'X-Men'.
Hugh Jackman, who is also known as 'Mr. Sex', has revealed how he came to be the world's sexiest man and how he manages to keep fit.

Jackman, 40, revealed that exercise and eating right is very important to maintain one's health and figure and that he follows a strict diet.

'I run 45 minutes every day to the gym, where I row, cycle and lift weights. You have to sweat every day’.

'No sugar. I eat every three hours - but not much carbohydrate. A lot of vegetables, salad, fish, chicken,' he stated.

The X-Men star also advised that in order to have a life you need to live more and dream less, and that one should live life the way they want and as it comes to be a success.

'No! I think it is wrong to have dreams. You shouldn't have a life goal, but rather live your life according to our feelings. I would never have believed that I would be where I am now 15 years ago,' he said. 'I just bought myself an apartment in New York [for 20 million dollars]. I've been very lucky in life. My advice: don't dream - live!' he added.
Dilli 6 promos released in Dubai
The promos of one of the most buzzed about movie Dilli 6 have hit screens across Dubai. The teasers promise an enchanting movie.

It’s a 60-secs promo where lead actor Abhishek Bachchan doesn’t appear for more than 1/10th of duration. The highlight of this teaser is the gorgeous Sonam Kapoor dancing with a pigeon on her head.

Apart from this, there are some shots where Sonam is spotted standing at mid of Times Square as Rickshaws moving on streets of Dilli and Sikhs are walking around her. Also, Abhishek Bachcan’s back-profiled shot where he stands at terrace that has Statue of Liberty and a famous mosque of Delhi on both his sides as backdrop is another image.

Produced by UTV Motion Pictures and Rakeysh Om Prakash Mehra, the film’s teasers would be screened in India along Aamir Khan’s Ghajini hitting screens.

Friday, December 19

Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi goes to Oscars Library
After having a successful run at the Box Office, Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi is now heading to Oscars Library for its permanent collection.

It's basically the sensitivity of the screenplay and the unusual love story that attracted the attention of the Oscars Library. The scripts in the collection are kept at the famous Margaret Herrick Library and are made accessible strictly for research purposes only. It's actually the students, filmmakers, writers and actors who can avail of the script. Not just that, the screenplays may only be viewed in the library since they do not get circulated and no screenplay is allowed to be photocopied.

Critics may not have given Rab NeBana Di Jodi, a five star ratings, but being chosen for the Oscars Library is an achievement in itself.
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So if you are confused about what would be the best television service provider for you and your family, just visit My TV Options for once.
Genelia Dsouza on cover of Seventeen

Genelia Dsouza was all over the place a few months back, when Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na, witnessed a smash hit. She paired opposite the brand new teenage sensation Imran Khan in Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na.

The latest edition of Seventeen brings the ever smiling beauty Genelia on the cover. In this edition of Seventeen, she makes some true cofessions.

She also speaks about the wildest thing that she has done. Besides all these, one can also get a glimpse of the “real Genelia” in this issue.

Thursday, December 18

Mohanlal becomes Lieutenant Colonel in Territorial Army
48-year-old, Malayalam super star, Mohanlal has been made an honorary Lieutenant Colonel in the Territorial Army.

Mohanlal will be the first actor in the country to get such a prestigious title from the army. The only other celebrity to get this title is former cricket captain Kapil Dev.

The age limit for joining the TA, which has been fixed at 42, has been relaxed for the star who is 48. There is precedence for this as Kapil Dev was too over aged when he was commissioned by TA.

It is perhaps the two army roles that he donned - in Keerthichakra and Kurukshetra - that led to this new development. Keerthichakra depicted the army’s anti-militancy operations in Jammu and Kashmir, while Kurukshetra dealt with the Kargil war.

According to Major Ravi, who has directed both the films, “It will be a great honour. It is also heartening to know that I have been instrumental in Lal getting the honour”.

The director will soon start working on a film on the Kandahar Hijack, featuring Mohanlal and Kamal Haasan.

The Territorial Army is a voluntary part-time civilian force that plays a key role in the defence of the country. It provides an opportunity to civilians to receive military training and also provides the country with a reserve force that can assist the regular army during operations.
Lakshmi Rai involved with M S Dhoni
Lakshmi RaiOne of the hottest gossip now is about Southern sensation, Lakshmi Rai’s affair with Team India’s captain, Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

Apparently Lakshmi Rai was spotted dining with M. S. Dhoni in a hotel in Chennai few days back. But the actress denies being in any sort of love relationship with the cricketer and claiming all the rumors as baseless, which carries no truth.

Lakshmi accepts that both are only good friends. “We struck a chord during the IPL, but just like any other friends, we don’t need to keep in touch every day since we understand each other’s professional commitments,” she says.

Regarding the news that she met him at the time of the recent test match, she quipped, “No. I didn’t meet him during this tour since I was busy shooting elsewhere,”

“The rumours are baseless. They started when I participated in a couple of events with Dhoni during the IPL campaign. There were more rumours after he came for my birthday party”, she explains.

Well, what is being said is just a rumour or something else, you decide it. I am giving you a hint here. When a media fellow asked her, “what would be your reactions if Dhoni proposed you?”
And the beautiful actress was left wordless!!

Wednesday, December 17

Tuesday, December 16

Chandni Chowk To China - to be released in China

Hindi films are going global and when you've a Hollywood studio backing your project, you can't think small. Warner Bros., the presenters of Chandni Chowk To China, are ensuring that the much-awaited film gets an extensive release. While the film will have a wide release in India as also in the international markets, there's talk that Warner is attempting to release the film simultaneously in China.

Of course, the decision in such cases has to be taken by the head office in Los Angeles, but if Chandni Chowk To China does see a simultaneous release in China, it would pave the way for more Hindi films to follow suit.

Monday, December 15

Is ASIN the next Bollywood Queen
The race for the top slot among the bollywood actresses seems to be getting hotter and hotter day by day. Till few weeks ago, the field seemed to be clear for Katrina Kaif. But that was before Fashion and Dostana happened and Priyanka Chopra was back in reckoning.

Now with the release of Ghajini around the corner, the film's heroine Asin, seems to be tipped to be the next big thing that has happened to Hindi cinema. Even before the release of Ghajini, the actress has already been signed on by Vipul Shah for his London Dreams where she is paired opposite Salman Khan and Ajay Devgan.

It reveals quite a lot for the actress, who has already made waves without a single release whatsoever. She has already started acting like a B town heroine she is believed to have sat through the entire shooting of a song which was being picturised on Ghajini's second heroine, Jiah Khan. Could be she was checking out the competition.

But with reports of her having endeared herself to all her co stars, the actress seems set to go places. We are sure that Katrina will be feeling a little insecure. And there is one more top class contender whomwe can’t ignore and she is Deepika Padukone.
Deepika Padukone covers The Man this December
Deepika Padukone needs no introduction for she is the girl par excellence who debuted in the smash hit flick Om Shanti Om, opposite the King Khan himself. After OSO, Deepika was seen alongside beau Ranbir Kapoor in Bachna Ae Haseeno and despite being pitted against two haseenas, Deepika managed to stand her own. Now Deepika, who has been the face of countless brands, graces the fashion and lifestyle magazine- The Man. While she is lending her pretty face to the latest edition of the famous lifestyle magazine 'The Man', within inside pages she reveals some facts about her day to day life.

The Padukone babe speaks about how she manages to stay fit despite a hectic schedule. Not just that, she also shares some of her beauty tips with the readers. Besides all of this, she gives the readers the actual reasons for her to be associated with a million brands that she is endorsing.

Deepika surely knows what it means to be seen at the right place at the right time. After all, being the cover girl of a top class fashion and lifestyle magazine, weeks before the release of her next flick Chandni Chowk To China will surely get her all the attention that she deserves.
Mahendra Singh Dhoni and John Abraham in Hook Ya Crook
Director, David Dhawan is going to opt a U-turn from his genre of comedies and has decided to direct a serious movie titled Hook Ya Crook. The movie stars John Abraham and Indian Cricket captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

Hook Ya Crook is an Indianised version of the famous 1981 hit Escape to Victory which was penned by Rensil D’ Silva. Escape to Victory focussed on a football match and featured the football legend Pele.

Hook Ya Crook revolves around Cricket. The prison set is currently being built by art director Samir Chanda in Hyderabad. ‘Hook Ya Crook’ features a big cricket match as the climax. Dhoni is playing a leading role in the film.

Sources reveal, “UTV, who had earlier made Goal, a football-based film, want Hook Ya Crook to be an authentic cricket film. The climax will be a huge cricket match like Ashutosh Gowariker’s Lagaan. Indian cricket captain Dhoni is being brought on board to share the field and cinema space with the rest of the cast and also to help his teammates give a believable spin to the game.”
According to the director of the film David Dhawan, “Cricket does play a very important part in my film. This would be my most uncharacteristic film, very different from the comedies I am associated with”.

Sunday, December 14

Kseniya Sukhinova crowned Miss World 2008
Miss Russia Kseniya Sukhinova has won the Miss World 2008 crown in a glittering pageant at Johannesburg.

"And Miss World 2008 is Russia," announced Julia Morley, head of the Miss World committee that organises the event.

An international jury decided the winner.

Trindad and Tobago's Gabrielle Walcott was second runner-up while India's Parvathay Omanakuttan was first runner-up, from among 109 contestants.

Hailing from Nizhnevartovsk in the north west of Siberia, Sukhinova was dressed in a purple gown, with a decorative neckline and flowing skirt.

She is a student pursuing an engineering degree from the Tyumen Oil and Gas University.

Sukhinova becomes the second Miss Russia to win the global event after Julia Kourochkina in 1992.

Johannesburg sought to use the event to boost its image as a world class city, despite being known for its high crime rates, while the country also hopes to benefit from the publicity ahead of staging the football World Cup in 2010.

Beauties from 109 countries were whittled down to 15 semi-finalists with India, Russia, Trinidad and Tobago, Angola and South Africa among the five finalists.

The winner of the event, broadcast live to millions of viewers in 187 countries, has to espouse "beauty with a purpose" with charity being one of the main focuses of the pageant.

The 51-year-old competition was originally scheduled for October 4 in Kiev, but was delayed in September over security concerns due to the conflict between Russia and Georgia.
Asin replaces Gul Panag for Tata Sky commercials
Aamir Khan’s next release Ghajini is getting a lot of buzz. So much that his Ghajini counterpart, Southern sensation Asin will replace Aamir’s current partner Gul Panag in the Tata Sky commercials.

The South Indian hottie said, “Yes, you’re right. I have signed a deal with Tata Sky for their next television commercial opposite Aamir Khan, which goes on air on the 25th December. I haven’t shot for the advert. It should be anytime soon”.

Where does that leave old partner Gul Panag?

She said, “I know nothing about it. I endorse Tata Sky Plus and have shot three films with Aamir, two of which have already been aired. My commitment with them is for one year. Anything beyond that, Tata Sky knows best”.
Nouveau Riche University - your guide to real estate investments
Ever been curious about a forum helping real estate investments? If your sincere answer is yes, then Nouveau Riche University is could be a perfect one for you. It not only teaches real estate investing but also offers necessary support and resources to start investing. It creates real estate investors.

Bob Snyder, Mary Piccolo, and Jim Piccolo are the founders of the Nouveau Riche University. Bob Snyder is often heard saying, “Over a lifetime, most people encounter about two great opportunities to gain financial freedom.”

The Nouveau Riche University conducts one or two days seminars on a regular basis. These seminars are been hosted by a team of world class trainers who provide training on rehabbing, tax and legal strategies for real estate, wholesaling and much more. They are the best Nouveau Riche leaders who have achieved huge amount of success in real estate investing and marketing.

The university created a Nouveau Riche community which is one of the largest real estate investing community. It consists of successful real estate investors who offer valuable tips on how to become a successful investor.

Nouveau Riche has been honored by home magazine as the featured company in its September 2008 issue. Home magazine is the second major nationally distributed publication. This truly shows the worth of the Nouveau Riche University.

So if you are looking out to become a real estate investor you may come to Nouveau Riche University.
Isha Koppikhar on cover of FHM
Eesha Koppikhar screams the headlines of the latest edition of the super glossy and super sexy magazine FHM. This issue of FHM offers you an insight on the Bollywood Sweetheart called Eesha.

The Koppikar babe is all out in the interview, speaking about everything under the sun, which includes her journey to Bollywood, her being stereotyped as the item girl, her definition of fun, her take on Girlfriend, her idea of an ideal guy, her mischief with cockroaches, her mantra for success, etc. etc. etc.

Eesha has made this edition of FHM a collector’s issue.
Parvathy Omanakuttan is Miss World First Runner 2008
In a glittering extravaganza at the Johannesburg, 21 year old, tall and dusky beauty Parvathy Omanakuttan was adjudged as the first runner up at the Miss World Peagent 2008. The Miss World crown went to the Miss Russia, Ksenya Sukhinova. Miss Trinidad and Tobago, Gabriel Walcott was judged as the second runner up.

On Saturday, after beating scores of international beauties from 109 countries, Russia’s Ksenya Sukhinova was crowned Miss World 2008

“Miss world 2008 is Miss Russia”, announced Julia Morlay, head of the Miss World Committee that organizes the event.

The 21- year old Parvathy Omanakuttan, who hails from Kottayam in Kerala, missed out narrowly winning the title crown.

The second runner up was Gabriel Walcott from Trinidad and Tobago.

Parvathy said, “In India and South Africa, people are warm and warm hearted. I felt at home at Johannesburg. Presence of the two great leaders Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela have influenced millions of people at both the countries”.

The 5 feet 9 inches smiling beauty said, “It is a great journey for me.”

Without doubt her achievement has made all the Indians proud. Although she missed the Crown, she has filled the gap that has already been created in the international glamour arena by the Indian beauties for last eight years. It was in 2000 when Priyanka Chopra was crowned miss world. And before her the other glamour queens who were adjudged Miss World are Rieta Faria 1966, Aishwarya Rai 1994, Diana Hayden 1997 and Yukta Mukhey 1999.

Saturday, December 13

Katrina Kaif – the most searched name on google
Katrina has been part of many-a-hit films like Partner, Namastey London, Welcome, Singh Is Kinng to name a few. And this has made her one of the most sought after actresses in Bollywood today. Now the gorgeous actress has added few more feathers to her impressive cap.

Last week, Katrina was voted the 'Sexiest Asian Woman' for the year 2008 in a poll conducted by Eastern Eye, a well read publication in the U.K. Last year's winner Bipasha Basu has now been pushed to the second spot. Just as accolades started pouring in for this feat, Katrina was in for yet another piece of good news.

Now Katrina Kaif features among the Top 10 in 3 different categories in Google's 2008 India Zeitgeist lists, a compilation of most searched terms on the internet released every year. The sultry actress has been identified as the most searched name on Google Search engine.

While Katrina tops the 'Most Popular Bollywood Celebrity' category, she figures at No.3 in the 'Fast Rising Searches' category and at No.10 in the 'Most Popular Searches' category. In fact she is the only 'person' to feature in the Top 10 'Most Popular Searches' category which otherwise features topics as diverse as Cricket to Indian Railways.

Friday, December 12

Imtiaz Ali on cover of Andpersand
Imtiaz Ali is the new-age director who gave the then-on-but-now-sadly-off couple of the teenage heart throbs Shahid- Kareena a parting gift that they will never ever forget. The irony is that even if they forget, the cine goers and the Box-Office collections' record will just not allow them to do so! We are indeed talking about the smash-hit and the iconic film Jab We Met and its supersonic director Imtiaz Ali, who is the 'cover-guy' on the latest edition of the lifestyle magazine 'Andpersand'.

At first, one is kind of surprised and puzzled as to what made the 'Andpersand' guys choose Imtiaz Ali as its cover-boy. But all your surprises and puzzles get laid to rest when you read the interview, which is more of an inner-view of this man called Imtiaz Ali...truly, like never before.

On his own admission, "Maybe it's because I just can't stop being fascinated by women. I am in love with them".

Ali's smash-hit Jab We Met offered the viewer a romantic reel walk-through the slice of life, while his interview offers the reader a real-life walkthrough the slice of Imtiaz's life! Imtiaz speaks all about his start toll where he has reached today, the process of fulfilling his destiny, his first hand count of being in love with love, his experience of many journeys and cultures etc.
Meaningful Beauty on TV Top Ten
There are many products available in market and it’s really difficult to choose the right product as per customer demand . Even the customers are sometimes not able to understand their requirement properly.

There is a portal working in this direction which may prove a helping hand to the rising customer’s demand. And that is

This portal offers the products which are suiting best to the customers, being online sale and all in one kind it’s been the customer’s first choice since inception. It offers items ranging from basic needs to the recent advancements made in the market. As seen on TV, the items for sale has been categorized as - money and business, tools and hardware, automotive, kitchen, toys and beauty products etc.

Being particular about products there is one product which I would like to discuss here. It’s about meaningful beauty. As seen on TV, this product contains formulas which rejuvenates youthful looking skin.

The meaningful beauty kit contains following things:
• Skin Softening Cleanser
• Maintenance 1 - Day Moisture
• Eye Creme
• Facial Masque
Above items may cost much but there are offers for discount on the products from time to time, which is again helpful to the customers.

Thursday, December 11

Aishwarya does insignificant role
There has been too much discusison in recent times over Aishwariya Rai's decision to play such a insignificant role in the latest Pink Panther Series. The film is ready for release and our wonderful Ash is quite excited about having starred in it.

When the first posters of the film, Pink Panther 2 were out, Ash hardly even figured in them. One wondered then, why the actress agreed to play such a minor role in a Hollywood film. But the star has broken her silence on the matter and said that the only reason she agreed to do the movie was because she loved Peter Sellers. In fact, Sellers happens to be one of her favourites since she was a kid. She admits that the film did not require her to do much and hence she enjoyed just hanging around and being part of the project. She candidly admits that the project is not about her and she is quite comfortable with that.

Well said Ash!!
This is what we call, “Bade Log Badi Baten”!!
Kareena Kapoor plays a surgeon in Kambakth Ishq
Kareena Kapoor plays a surgeon who moonlights as a super-model in Kambakth Ishq.

A surgeon who's a super-model? It sounds nonesense. "Yeah my character flies to Italy to become a super-model to support herself financially. I didn't want to play the character looking like an international model because she's basically in another profession. So she can't really have the figure of Victoria Beckham, can she? I had to look more filled up. Again, for my next release Main Aur Mrs Khanna with Salman, I play a wife. So I wanted to look more filled up. Not that wives can't be curvaceous. The one I played in Golmaal Returns certainly was."

For her forthcoming films 'Size 0' is out. No more international anorexic looks for her. Kareena Kapoor is down to a healthy normal desi girl's model-like figure.

Reason? "My forthcoming releases required me to get back to a fuller shape."

Now Kareena has decided to hold steady with her new weight. And its 54 Kg.

Wednesday, December 10

Diana Penty replaces Deepika Padukone for Maybelline
Gorgeous and uber hot Indian model Diana Penty has become the latest buzzword that’s taken the modeling world by storm. Diana has recently replaced Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone as the new face of international cosmetics brand Maybelline New York. With this, she joins the ranks of international supermodels like Adriana Lima and Christy Turlington.

“I feel great to get this opportunity to endorse a brand that is so vibrant and truly multi-ethnic. For me it is not only about whom I am replacing but it's about being on the same platform as international models and get international exposure,” said Penty.

Penty is a student of the Elite Model Management and its CEO Sushma Puri was all praise for the young model.

'Diana has a face that is very versatile and appeals to both Indian and international markets and she is also young, beautiful and confident. This makes her the ideal choice for any international brand,' Puri said.

Deepika Padukone was named the brand ambassador of Maybelline in June 2007.
First concert in Mumbai after terrorist attacks
British Rock band Jethro Tull and Indian Musician Anoushka Shankar are to perform in a concert, the first to be organized in Mumbai since the terrorist attacks that killed over 183 people.

Another concert, The Live Earth concert had been cancelled in the wake of the attacks.

“Some people might consider it disrespectful that we are having a concert but hopefully a majority will realize what this is about and what it says,” Jethro Tull frontman Ian Anderson said at a press conference.

The band, on a tour of New Delhi, Kolkata and Bangalore, was scheduled to perform in Mumbai last week. The Nov. 29 event was postponed following the attacks.

Proceeds from the Mumbai concert would go to a charity set up for victims of the attacks.

For Anoushka Shankar, the concert is a sort of catharsis.

“As a musician, this is how I speak, how I express the anger within me,” she said.

“Our entire tour has been changed by these events and even though the structure of the concert may remain the same, emotionally perhaps we are saying a lot more,” she said.

Recognized as a consummate performer and composer of Indian classical music and forward thinking genres, Anoushka is a unique figure in world music. Taught by her father and musical guru, Ravi Shankar, Anoushka continues to blaze new creative trails, performing across the globe in settings ranging from jazz and traditional Indian ensembles, to symphony orchestras.

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