Thursday, October 29

Aishwarya Rai feted by People magazine
Aishwarya RaiBollywood actress Aishwarya Rai’s 15 years of Bollywood career has been documented in a never-seen-before manner by the People magazine.

Loaded with innumerable unknown tidbits from her life, the issue aims at celebrating one of the most beautiful women in the world. It also reveals that she has been feted as the most beautiful Miss World ever and has been presented with a gold medal to celebrate her beauty and the exclusivity of the achievement.

The issue promises to be replete with photographs of the gorgeous woman at various stages of what is an impressive and illustrious career.

The actress has acted in over 40 movies and many of them have been mainstream Hollywood productions. With a Padmashree and an Order of France under her expensive Dior belt, her formidable fame will be completely captured by the magazine.
No plastic surgery for Bo Derek
Bo DerekVeteran actress Bo Derek has shown the hand to cosmetic surgery, saying she’d rather age gracefully.

Bo Derek confessed she longed for her “old skin” but not without realising the effects of anti-ageing procedures.

"When you look at women who have had plastic surgery, they have lost something - usually an expression, something unique to their faces” said the actress.

“They start to look the same. I’ve always admired the women who didn’t do it, so I have to keep reminding myself I’m one of them and not the other.

"When I look at some photographs of myself, I think, “Oh, I look alright”. But, in others, I scare myself; I wish I had my old skin," she added.
Hrithik Roshan to make love to Monikangana Dutta
Monikangana DuttaAfter struggling to keep her hubby Hrithik Roshan all to herself and away from the clutches of Barbara Mori, feisty Susanne Khan is back in the ring to fight for her love with yet another hot siren Monikangana Dutta.

And after spending sleepless nights, the wife is now hassled over her husband’s passionate onscreen lovemaking sequence with the sassy supermodel in his upcoming film ‘Guzaarish’.

The actor, whose close proximity with beauty Barbara Mori stirred the hornet’s nest in ‘Kites’, will now be seen getting all close and personal with Monikangana.

But, like they say, it’s all professional. Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s upcoming film Guzaarish will have the actor share some passionate love making scenes with the sassy model, who plays his former love interest in the film.

“Although Aishwarya Rai is paired opposite Hrithik, he has intimate scenes with Monikangana. As she plays Hrithik’s former love interest, Bhansali wanted their sizzling chemistry to be quite apparent. Monikangana has a small but very important role and it was imperative that she has intimate lovemaking scenes with Hrithik. Being a debutante actress, the model is nervous about her passionate scenes with the actor”, confirms a source.

Wednesday, October 28

Kate Moss flaunts cleavage to promote her Topshop collection
Kate MossSupermodel Kate Moss seems to be going all out to grab attention for her biggest-ever Christmas fashion range for Topshop.

Set to publicize her latest collection, the sizzling beauty flaunted much more than the labels creations. Flashing her bust in a deep cleavage dress, the lissome beauty did some erotic shoots to promote her collection.

But going by the photo-romp, the fashion collection seems more of a lingerie line than a clothing range. Nevertheless, with Moss backing the project it’s bound to be a hit.
Cheryl Cole finds X Factor judge Simon Cowell rude and annoying
Cheryl ColeCheryl Cole has revealed that she finds her fellow X Factor judge Simon Cowell “nasty, rude and annoying”.

The Girls Aloud star spoke about the increased “friction” between her and the music mogul, adding she finds it tough to keep a lid on her temper when the cameras roll.

“There is tension between us on the actual Saturday night, when he starts getting annoying and saying nasty things,” said Cole.

“It gets really heated backstage, and quite competitive.

“I don’t feel like I’m a competitive person. I feel like the best person should win The X Factor, whether they’re in my category or not. But he’s so competitive and so rude sometimes that I find myself getting caught up in it.

“Honestly, he’s really annoying. Really annoying,” she added.
Julia Roberts struggles in bikini
Julia Roberts in bikiniJulia Roberts seemingly struggled with her skimpy bikini during the filming of her latest film ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ in Bali.

The actress was allegedly in danger of revealing more than she intended while shooting scenes for the movie.

The ‘Pretty Woman’ star was said to have avoided a disastrous wardrobe malfunction as she adjusted her teeny top.

Co-star Javier Bardem was later seen splashing the water as he joined the beauty in the surf.

Tuesday, October 27

Hilary Swank was troubled and insecure as a kid
Hilary SwankActress Hilary Swank has revealed that she was a troubled kid and felt insecure about her future.

The two time Academy Award winner spent her childhood in a humble trailer park in Washington.

"I was a troubled kid. I felt like an outsider. I didn’t feel like I belonged, especially in the classroom. I just wish that I would have been more secure. It’s that trap of thinking there’s nothing beyond high school,” said the actress.

However, ‘The Million Dollar Baby’ star now looks forward to play difficult roles that are challenging.

She said: "Now, I long to play characters that challenge me and scare me and make me learn new things about the world, about myself and about my art.

"I’m a girl from a trailer park. I never imagined winning an Academy Award, much less two. I just wanted to act."
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Monday, October 26

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Jennifer Aniston returns to Television
Jennifer AnistonJennifer Aniston is all set to return to TV alongside Oprah Winfrey.

The former ‘Friends’ star will help present a late-night live talk show on the talk show queen’s new channel OWN – Oprah Winfrey Network.

OWN will be launched in America in the spring and in Britain by the end of next year.

40 year old Aniston, who stars in the current hit film ‘Love Happens’, will also co-produce the series.

Ever since Friends ended in 2004 Aniston has established herself as a Hollywood A-list leading lady in eight films, three of which have earned her 5million pounds.

However, her TV return will earn her only a fraction of that. Her salary is yet to be determined. She is doing this for one reason only; she absolutely wants to do it.

And it wasn’t Winfrey who lured Aniston into the project, but it was her friendship with Chelsea Handler, 34, an ex stand-up comic who has her own TV talk show, that prompted her to take it up.

An OWN source said: “Jen became fascinated with the format after spending time with Chelsea. When she saw Oprah she mentioned that it would be fun to do a chat show and Oprah seized the moment and suggested they front one together for her network.”

Initially Jennifer and Oprah are thinking in terms of a once a week show.
Salman Khan kisses Brinda Parekh
Brinda ParekhLucky girl Brinda Parekh went through typical ‘first-kiss’ symptoms - butterflies in tummy and shaky hands. And why not, if the kisser is Salman, the desirable ‘Bachelor Khan’ of Bollywood, the knees would give way as well!

This is the first time in his career that Salman Khan has gone ahead with such an intimate sequence with his leading lady. Katrina must be one mightily self-controlled girl not to move a hair!

The blessed girl chosen for the hot hunk’s first onscreen kiss had first featured in a Thums Up ad. She then went on to do regional films and was also seen in Bhandarkar’s ‘Corporate’.

The hot smooch sequence is a part of Vipul Shah’s Salman-Ajay-Asin starrer ‘London Dreams’.

Brinda did have her share of cold feet. She confessed to her friends that Salman calmed her down and helped her get through the scene. Wonder how it would feel to be calmed by ‘the’ Salman, and to be helped ‘by him’ to kiss him!

Brinda did confess some more. She said that all she could think during the kiss was the texture of Salman Khan’s skin.

The girl was overwhelmed with the soft, supple, baby-like skin the actor had. Hmm, this looks like enough material to turn imaginations wild…
Katrina Kaif Enters Reality Show Brigade
Katrina KaifBollywood belle Katrina Kaif is one beauty who has been making frequent small screen visits. And going by the actress’ latest plans, her TV stints are set to get bigger. Kat is geared up to become a regular TV face and will be seen gracing even bigger and better reality shows.

However, Kat’s latest fixation for TV is not a publicity stunt but is motivated by a good cause. The massive remunerations Katrina bags from her TV stints are being diverted to her mother’s charity. And it’s not the first time that the actress has pitched in for the noble effort.

Sources reveal that Katrina’s cheque from her first game-show appearance bought the first ambulance for Mercy Home and orphanage run by her mother Susan. Furthermore, the moolah she made through her appearances on ‘10 Ka Dum’ and ‘Kaun Banega Crorepati’ went to the orphanage as well.

Buzz now states that Katrina is negotiating for a couple of other reality/music shows. Confirming the news, Katrina said, "It’s all for my mother’s charity work. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be interested in television appearances."

Katrina said, "Normally one doesn’t like to speak on one’s charity work. It’s a bit cheesy. But since people have been asking why I’m seen on so many shows, I’ve to admit that I’ve been lending my mom a helping hand with her orphanage. I’m lucky enough to let my mother make sure my charitable donations are used in the best way."

Sunday, October 25

Kim Cattrall heading towards stage
Kim CattrallBrit actress Kim Cattrall is planning to head for the London stage once shooting for the forthcoming ‘Sex And The City’ sequel finishes.

At 53, Cattrall will be leaving New York for the UK capital in a new production of Noel Coward’s comedy, ‘Private Lives’.

She will be starring as Amanda opposite British actor Matthew Macfadyen, playing a former couple who rekindle their romance after both having re-married.

The actress had first appeared in London’s West End in 2005 in ‘Whose Life Is It Anyway?’, and returned a year later (06) for a production of David Mamet’s ‘The Cryptogram’.

Saturday, October 24

Liz Hurley up in glamour quotient
Elizabeth HurleyElizabeth Hurley, who made headlines with her strapless dress at last year’s Estee Lauder bash, turned up donning a rather conservative gown at this year’s event.

And despite her not-so-revealing dress, the glamorous actress still managed to light up the 10th anniversary of Estee Lauder’s Breast Cancer Awareness Global Illumination Initiative at City Hall, London.

The beauty empire has been bathing famous landmarks in pink for the past decade and Liz, 44, spoke of her relief to be indoors for this year’s do.

“Last year we were outside on Tower Bridge and I was wearing an exceptionally silly dress so it is a big relief to be inside for a change”, said Liz.

Hurley is married to Indian-industrialist Arun Nayar since 2007.
Charlize Theron kisses for $140,000
Charlize TheronSouth African-born actress Charlize Theron auctioned off a kiss for USD140,000 and the winning bidder was a woman.

Theron, 34, took part in a live auction during a gala for the charity OneXOne in San Francisco. She was initially selling a 2010 trip to South Africa that included World Cup tickets, a safari and a meet-and-greet with Nelson Mandela.

But she raised the stakes after bidding stalled at USD37,000 far less than actor Jeremy Piven had just raised.

To sweeten the deal, she offered up a seven-second kiss for $130,000 to a male bidder, but a woman in the audience quickly bettered the deal with a USD140,000 bid.

Theron is in a long-term relationship with actor Stuart Townsend, 36.

"My boyfriend is not here tonight," she joked before a smooch that lasted 20 seconds.

Friday, October 23

Tabu to share screen space with Aamir Khan
TabuThere can’t be a bigger casting coup at least cinematically. Yes, you read it right, Aamir Khan and Tabu will share screen space in Priyadarshan’s next flick, which will be based on AIDS.

Priyadarshan has approached Tabu for the flick after signing Aamir for the same. Tabu, who has previously worked with Priyadarshan in ‘Virasat’ is said to be more than interested in the project.

Talking about the film, Priyadarshan said, “I wanted to make this film a year back. But I wanted to see the reaction to my other realistic film ‘Kanchivaram’. Now I know my audience is as open to watching my more realistic films as my comedies”.

The director is presently involved in extensive research for the film, since the project is said to be an extensive insight into the social stigma attached to the disease.

The talented duo, Aamir and Tabu had starred together in Yash Chopra’s ‘Fanaa’, but weren’t paired opposite each other and this will be the first time that they’ll get to work together extensively.
Shilpa Shetty and Raj Kundra all set for Engagement
Shilpa ShettyAfter romancing for the past two years, Bollywood’s long legged lass Shilpa Shetty and her NRI boyfriend Raj Kundra have finally decided to change their single status! The couple is getting engaged on October 24 in Mumbai.

Gossip corner says that it will be a low profile engagement ceremony taking place at Raj’s abode in Juhu and Shilpa will be seen wearing a Manish Malhotra outfit.

A famous Bandra store is expected to manage Shilpa’s jewellery. “Shilpa has always been our client. She will look very beautiful with my jewellery. Hopefully, we will be doing her wedding jewellery too,” says an official from the jewellery store.

It’s quite surprising that Shilpa is getting engaged while her younger sibling – Shamita is still living in the ‘Bigg Boss’ house. Speaking on Shilpa’s engagement, a close friend said, “Yes, it’s happening very suddenly. Raj proposed to her two days ago when he gifted her a ring for Diwali. Raj is very keen that they formalise their relationship. Shilpa consulted her parents and accepted the proposal.”

The engagement will be attended only by the Shetty and Kundra clan as “Invitations have been sent out, but only to a few select people. As far as the film industry goes, very few of her colleagues know about her sudden mangni. Shilpa is on top of the world.”

According to Shilpa’s friend, the marriage which is due in early 2010 will take place once “Shamita comes out of the ‘Bigg Boss’ house.”

Thursday, October 22

Gisele Bundchen expecting a baby girl
Gisele BundchenSupermodel Gisele Bundchen is expecting a baby girl with American footballer husband Tom Brady.

The 29 year old Brazilian, who is due to give birth in December, was said to have already marketed the crib to be used by her daughter.

"There’s going to be a room off the side of the nursery where the nanny will sleep,” said a source to Life and Style magazine.

“And they’re using a crib that’s been in Gisele’s family for four generations.

“Her grandmother slept in this crib, her mom slept in this crib, Gisele slept in this crib, and now Gisele’s daughter will sleep in this crib. It’s beautiful solid oak," the source added.

Wednesday, October 21

Katie Holmes arrives in peek-a-boo dress
Katie HolmesKatie Holmes took a break from her motherly duties and showed off her sexy body by wearing a see-through top at a recent event.

The former “Dawson’s Creek” beauty is usually engrossed in buying cupcakes for three-year-old daughter Suri or running in sweats with hubby Tom Cruise.

However, an all glammed-up Katie came as a refreshing change at the Elle Women in Hollywood Tribute in Los Angeles.

Other celebs joining Katie at the event included Renee Zellweger, Cat Deeley and Kanye Rose.
Gul Panag to be Twitter Face for WIFW
Gul PanagGul Panag is among the most regular celebrities on the social networking site Twitter and the actress is now taking it to the next level - she has been signed to post live updates of the Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week (WIFW).

The critically acclaimed actress has been given the tag of the ‘Twitter Face’ for the event.

"I am proud to be associated with Wills Lifestyle in this unique way. I promise to bring to my fans and followers regular updates from the venue and to give them a glimpse of the event. Watch out for my tweets as you stand to win a chance to get invited to the event," said Gul.

Gul, who has featured in films like "Dor" and "Manorama Six Feet Under", will be present at the venue all five days of the fashion event to be held at Pragati Maidan.

She will connect with her followers on the website, share her views on the ramp shows, upload pictures of the event and respond to tweets.

"Gul Panag is a regular on Twitter and enjoys a lot of support and fan following on the website. Through this association we will be able to reach out to a large fan following on Twitter and create excitement around WIFW," said Atul Chand, divisional chief executive of ITC’s Lifestyle Retailing Business Division.

Sunday, October 18

Selena Gomez turns fashion designer
Selena GomezDisney star Selena Gomez is turning fashion designer to launch an environment friendly clothing line for girls.

The 17 year old actress has teamed up with Generra designer Tom Melillo and businesswoman Sandra Campos for the new venture, titled ‘Dream Out Loud’.

"With my line, I really want to give the customer options on how they can put their own looks together," Gomez said.

"I want the pieces that can be easy to dress up or down, and the fabrics being eco-friendly and organic are super important. Also, the tags will all have some of my inspirational quotes on them. I’m just looking to send a good message," Gomez added.

The boho-chic collection, which will include dresses, tops, jeans, hats and scarves is due to hit stores in autumn 2010.
Vidya Balan is Chetan Bhagat's new Heroine
Vidya BalanVidya Balan seems to be thriving on her networking skills. The actress is said to be in the good books of none other than ‘Five Point Someone’ Chetan Bhagat.

Vidya, was recently seen launching Chetan’s latest book ‘2 States’. Buzz has it that a Bollywood filmmaker is already in talks with the writer for a movie version of the book and who else but Vidya is expected to star in it.

Two of Bhagat’s previous books, ‘One night at a Call Centre’ and ‘Five Point Someone’, have already been adapted for the silver screen with ‘Hello’ and ‘3 Idiots’.

With Vidya’s presence at the book launch, it didn’t take people long to guess the consequence. Guess, Vidya doesn’t want to miss out on a single opportunity to associate with something as prestigious as that.

Saturday, October 17

Kylie Minogue makes out with boyfriend in parent’s presence
Kylie MinogueKylie Minogue recently made out with boyfriend Andres Velencoso on top of a banquette at Avenue in the presence of her parents.

The intimate scene apparently took place at the after-party for her Hammerstein Ballroom show.

And the Aussie singer seemingly was unperturbed by her parent’s presence.

“I guess she wasn’t fazed by them," said an eyewitness.

Also, Alan Cumming was present with a mystery date.
Miranda Kerr loses Curves for High Fashion
Miranda KerrEven as the fashion world is rocked by criticisms over model’s going size zero, Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr seems to have taken the plunge and is sporting a super skinny look.

The 26 year old model, who was famous for her girl next door looks and slim but curvaceous figure, looked bony and gaunt as she took part in a photo shoot at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney, Australia.

Kerr’s ribs protruded as her skin was tightly stretched across her bony back. Her thin arms also looked extremely sinewy as she posed for Grazia magazine.

Kerr looked virtually unrecognisable from behind as she posed in a tightly laced corset on the rooftop of the museum.

The former Maybelline model seems to have given up her curves to make the usually impossible leap from commercial modelling to fairytale world of couture.

Grazia’s Beauty Director Annabel Jones says that Kerr’s casting is a sign that things are changing in fashion.

"She’s quite cool and glossy, but still cute and accessible. Maybe what we’re seeing is a new type of runway model," she said.

It seems her ambitions to do high fashion modeling were realised earlier this month she made an appearance on the catwalk for Balenciaga, the fashion world’s top label.
Nicole Richie and Joel Madden tie the knot
Nicole RichieSocialite Nicole Richie and her long time partner ‘Good Charlotte’ rocker Joel Madden have got married.

The couple - who celebrated the birth of their second child, son Sparrow, last month - are rumoured to have secretly tied the knot in an intimate service on Wednesday after obtaining a marriage licence last week.

The news comes after it was revealed Richie was keen to wed the Good Charlotte rocker following the death of her ex-fiance DJ AM, real name Adam Goldstein, in August.

"Nicole has never been in a rush to get married to Joel. She’s so happy with him and their little family that she didn’t feel the need to change the way things were between them," reveals a source.

"But when Adam died, she freaked out. She realised life is fragile and short. She doesn’t want to have any regrets at all, and she does want to be Joel’s wife”.

Friday, October 16

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Amrita Rao on cover of Maxim India
Actress Amrita Rao, who has shaken off her girl-next-door image with a sexy makeover, is the latest covergirl of the men’s magazine ‘Maxim” and believes that she is one of the most desirable actors in Bollywood.
Amrita Rao on Maxim India cover
The 28 year old actress who played the coy beauty in films like ‘Vivaah’ and ‘Ishq Vishq’ went for a glamorous makeover for ‘Shortcut’ and she continues to sizzle on the cover of the magazine’s October issue.

"Gracing the cover of India’s largest selling men’s magazine was a fantastic opportunity and it just goes to show that I am one of the most desirable actors in tinsel town," said Amrita Rao.

The actress who had reportedly gone under the knife to boost her assets, was photographed wearing a curve hugging white mini said that she was happy with the cover as it made her look sexy without baring it all.

"Maxim represents the sensual woman, the woman within, who reveals her darkest, sauciest secrets. I loved the cover a lot as it portrayed me as natural and sexy without baring everything," said the actress.

The magazine has produced covergirls like Minissha Lamba, Neetu Chandra, Sheryln Chopra and Jiah Khan in earlier editions.
Jennifer Aniston rekindles romance with John Mayer
Jennifer AnistonHollywood actress Jennifer Aniston has rekindled her romance with musician John Mayer.

The couple first got cosy in April 2008 after spending five days together in Miami, but went on to split twice.

"He really got to her, and she’s hooked on him. She just can’t let go," said a source.

Aniston and Mayer were spotted dining together in NYC on Sept 22 and they met later that night at the Four Seasons Hotel.

Sources have also revealed that they’ve been texting each other.

"They are very close. They remain great friends. He thinks she’s amazing, nice and smart, and he has nothing but respect for her," reveals a source.

Thursday, October 15

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Paris Hilton bagged Reality Innovator Award
Britney SpearsSocialite Paris Hilton has bagged the “Reality Innovator” honour at the Fox Reality Channel’s “Really Awards”.

The ‘Reallys’, is the only awards show to celebrate the best in reality television and the ‘Simple Life’ star was jubilated to receive the honour.

"So happy! Just won The Reality Innovator Award, for being the Innovator of Reality TV. Loves it," Hilton wrote on her Twitter page.

The 28 year old hotel heiress was joined on the red carpet by her sister Nicky Hilton, Karina Smirnoff, Aaron Carter and Vivica A Fox.

The 28 year old heiress first showed up on the reality TV scene with her friend Nicole Richie in the Fox series ‘The Simple Life’, which premiered in 2003.

After Richie and Hilton refused to work together, another TV show titled ‘Paris Hilton’s My New BFF”, about her looking for a new best friend aired in 2008.

Thereafter, “Paris Hilton’s British Best Friend” went on air in January this year. She has also finished shooting for “Paris Hilton’s Dubai BFF”. Apart from her own shows Hilton has also appeared in other TV programmes and music videos.
Olga Kurylenko poses for new Campari ad
Olga KurylenkoBond girl Olga Kurylenko faced the camera to pose for a new Campari advert shot in Milan, Italy.

The Ukrainian actress, who shot to fame after playing Camille in ‘The Quantum of Solace’, revealed she tried the bittersweet spirit for the first time on set.

“I had never tried Campari before the shoot,” said the 29-year-old.

“I tried the orange-flavoured one and liked it only because it was a little sweeter,” she added.

Wednesday, October 14

Sridevi mesmerises at HDIL India Couture Week 2009
Sridevi at HDIL India Couture WeekThe sizzling star of the 90s has been showing all signs of returning to the marquee with her sustained presence at various fashion weeks. Interestingly, on Day One of the HDIL India Couture Week, Sridevi did not walk for her sister-in-law Maheep Kapoor (who was also showing her jewellery line) but chose instead the designer who was showing immediately after her.

The moment she stepped on the ramp, the main show area was filled with cheers as the audience couldn’t stop looking at Bollywood actress Sridevi. She looked stunning in a black gown as she walked the ramp for jewellery designer Queenie Dhody at the inaugural jewellery show of HDIL India Couture Week.

"She is looking so stunning. Just look at her, she is so beautiful," said a mesmerised member of the audience.

As soon as she started walking the ramp, some one from the audience shouted: "Come on Sridevi, you are the best."

It was not just the audience, even Bollywood stars Hrithik Roshan, Dimple Kapadia, Twinkle Khanna, Sanjay Kapoor, Raveena Tandon, Dia Mirza, Zayed Khan, Karan Johar and her husband Boney Kapoor clapped relentlessly till she left the ramp.

"She looked like a diva. Just look at her, it seems that she is getting younger day by day. The way she has maintained herself is amazing," Raveena Tandon said after the show.

This is the first time that HDIL-ICW had a high-end jewellery show that featured four jewellery designers - Devaunshi Mehta, Farah Khan, Queenie Dhody and Maheep Kapoor - who came out with their dazzling collections.

Talking about her jewellery line Dhody said that high-end jewellery had become very popular among people.

"People now want to own a piece of jewellery that is exclusive. This exquisite line of hand-made jewellery has both precious and semi-precious stones with fine craftsmanship that makes it very exclusive and everyone should at least own one piece," she said.
Miranda Kerr campaigns for Kora skin care range
Miranda KerrVictoria’s Secret model, Miranda Kerr is already an avid green enthusiast, and even posed for the first-ever Green issue of Australian Rolling Stone.

Now she’s bringing her organic obsession to the beauty world with a brand-new line called Kora. The 100-percent organic skincare line was named after a type of meditation from Tibetan Buddhist tradition. Miranda took part in all steps of creation, from the formula to design, and even the campaign image.

Miranda left many jaws hanging in mid air after stripping for Kora's natural skin care range. The Aussie model was said to have carefully positioned her arm and leg to preserve her modesty.

The Victoria’s Secret Angel previously left little to the imagination as she posed for a new swimwear range. The 26-year-old model, who is dating actor Orlando Bloom, was seen sporting a psychedelic bikini at Sydney’s Bondi Beach.

So far it’s set to launch in mid-to-late October at David Jones stores in Australia, but hopefully she’ll bring the line to the States and the rest of the world soon!
Tyra Banks flaunts body in photo shoot
Tyra BanksSupermodel Tyra Banks has flaunted her newly slimmed down body in a sexy photo shoot on the streets of New York.

The America’s Next Top Model hostess has dropped down from size 16 outfits to size 8 thanks to a steady diet and consistent exercise.

"I always feel great when I don’t have clothes on”, said the model.

The hottie said that she had become fat eating ice creams and bacons.

"I maintained it with my ice cream and my salad with ranch and dressing and croutons and bacon bits," she said.

Tuesday, October 13

Sharon Stone hopeful to find Love at 51
Sharon StoneShe may have got divorced thrice, but actress Sharon Stone still hopes of finding lasting love.

The 51 year old parted ways with her third husband, newspaper editor Phil Bronstein, in 2004 but she is refusing to let the break-ups dampen her hopes of finding true love.

"I wouldn’t say no to a partner. But my parents set a high standard to follow - they met at ages 14 and 15 when my Dad was a school crossing guard and helped my mum cross the street,” said the actress.

“I just want that old-fashioned kinda love, and I do think I’m going to get it," she added.

The Basic Instinct star has previously been married to George Englund, Jr. and TV producer Michael Greenburg.
Carla Bruni seeing a psychotherapist
Carla BruniPressures in the world of glamour have cracked many. And, former Italian supermodel and France’s First Lady Carla Bruni is no exception.

For the first time, 41 year old Bruni who married flamboyant French President Nicolas Sarkozy two years back, is said to have admitted to seeing a psychotherapist for the past eight years.

The former Italian supermodel turned singer has made the confession during filming of a documentary about her life for French TV. But, details are scant about what psychological problems she actually suffers from.

"Bruni will bare her soul to the French people. She is turning the traditions of how French First Ladies have behaved on their head.

The questions that she will answer include why she sought the help of a therapist, what happened during the sessions and why she has continued them for so long.

Bruni has been constantly in the media spotlight since marrying Sarkozy almost two years ago. Naked photos from her earlier career as a model are regularly published in French magazines and newspapers. The French First Lady has also courted controversy with frequent remarks about her string of ex-lovers apart from regular "undiplomatic quips" about her husband. She has been
accused of driving hubby Sarkozy to physical collapse with a gruelling fitness and diet regime.

The French media is now expecting another flood of revelations when her confessions about her eight years in therapy are broadcast later this month.
Penelope Cruz shows her engagement ring
Penelope CruzPenelope Cruz has appeared at the premiere of her new film wearing a ring on her left hand, sparking a new round of speculation that she’s engaged to boyfriend Javier Bardem.

The 35 year old actress showed off the sparkling ring Sunday night at the New York City debut of her latest film, Broken Embraces. The ring featured a "knuckle-sized sapphire surrounded by small diamonds" and was worn on the finger usually reserved for engagement and wedding bands.

Cruz would not answer questions on the ring, choosing instead to praise the director of Broken Embraces, Pedro Almodovar, who accompanied her to the screening.

Monday, October 12

Things that make a new mum happier
How do you feel when there comes a new baby in your home? For me, it’s the time for celebration. The new baby brings smiles to everyone in the family and we just become grateful to the lady, I mean the new mum. And this is the time to greet the new mum.

I don’t know what steps will you in such happy times but I will run to the nearest flower store to buy a beautiful bouquet filled with fresh roses. And I won’t be the first person to do this. I know you too will do the same when such moments happen in your life. This is one of the most traditional ways to greet a new mum. Today, as we live in an internet era, we can plan, purchase and deliver some fresh flowers to someone we care, from virtually anywhere in the world. There are online stores where we can buy gifts for someone and deliver it at the right time.

For a new mum, it is the beginning of a new life with more and more responsibilities. Now she needs some new stuffs. Giving her gifts that she needs to play the new role will just make her happier. It will make her smile if you send a new mum some gifts like clothes or toys for the new born. And never forget to send her a digital camera to capture all those happy moments. After all, pictures and videos are the things which capture the moments and can be shared with anyone we wish to. To save money and time one can visit online stores to buy good quality digital cameras from well known brands.

These are just some of the ideas that can make a new mum happier. You can think about some ideas by your own. Wait.. wait.. wait.. I got another one. How about gifting a pushchair to a new mum. After all, the new baby will start walking after few months.
Shilpa Shetty sued for 6 Million Pounds
Shilpa ShettyBollywood actress Shilpa Shetty has been sued for 6 million pounds by the former boss of her newly acquired restaurant chain, on grounds of unfair dismissal.

Jamal Hirani, 42, founder of fast-food chain ‘Tiffinbites’ is claiming that he was forced out to make way for the star and had earlier filed a lawsuit in an industrial tribunal claiming more than 1.5 million pounds.

He has now filed a 6 million pounds lawsuit in High Court, based on the 30 percent of the firm he previously owned.

Hirani alleges that he was forced out by colleagues in a process that led to the firm closing and opening under a new name, the V8 Gourmet Group.

"They manufactured false accusations against me. This ultimately was my company and I have been removed. I understand that since I have left Shilpa Shetty has invested in the business," said Hirani.

Shetty, 34 who became a household name in Britain after winning the reality show ‘Celebrity Big Brother’, recently became the company’s co-chairwoman after she and fiance Raj Kundra paid 6 million pounds to buy a 33 percent stake in it.
Shah Rukh Khan for Couture grand finale
Shah Rukh KhanBagging top-notch celebs to showcase his collection at the Couture week Salman Khan might have given Shah Rukh Khan’s popularity a beating, but when it comes to the grand prize it is King Khan who has emerged a clear winner.

After a month long tussle among the warring Khans, it has now become official that it’s Shah Rukh and not Salman who will be walking at the grand finale.

So while King Khan will be the showstopper, Salman will have to parade his big Bollywood brigade on Oct 13.

Shah Rukh will be walking with his wife Gauri Khan for Karan Johar’s clothesline. Confirms a source, “Salman did not want the grand finale. He is walking for charity. His show is not the couture show per se. He and the other actors with him will walk the ramp on Oct 13. We had blocked the dates of every star walking in the event two months ago. Salman won’t even be here in Mumbai on the day of the grand finale.”

And even though that’s the official version, sources state that Salman never had a choice to walk for the grand finale. Even though the macho actor has managed to get exclusive celebs to walk the ramp for him, it was SRK who was the final choice for the grand bash.

Both Shah Rukh and Salman were keen to do the grand finale. A grand finale in a fashion event is always very special.

Sunday, October 11

Abbey Clancy stuns guests in strapless black dress
Abbey ClancyEnglish footballer Peter Crouch’s girlfriend Abbey Clancy wowed guests with her stunning strapless black dress and towering pins at a charity ball in London.

The catwalk model was seen shaking a leg with John Terry’s wife Toni Poole at the Claridges bash.

The guest list at the launch party for the Louis Dundas Palliative Centre included former Spice Girls Geri Halliwell, Emma Bunton and Elizabeth Hurley.

Halliwell, who arrived at the star-studded occasion with boyfriend Henry Beckwith, wore a see-through frock, which unavoidably attention to her bra and knickers through the transparent material, reports the Sun.

The guests also included Elton John, David Furnish and Arun Nayar.
Hilary Swank desperate to gain weight
Hilary SwankOscar winning actress Hilary Swank has revealed that she gave up vegetarianism after 18 years in a bid to gain weight and stay healthy.

The 35 year old abandoned vegetarianism two years ago when she suddenly started dropping pounds and Swank admits she’s much happier with her figure since the diet change, though she still struggles with eating animal flesh.

"I just started withering away. I wasn’t getting enough vitamins or protein. It was very emotional. I sat over my plate and cried. I really had to work through it. It still makes me emotional. I don’t know if you have ever looked into a cow’s eye, but it is so soulful. So I don’t like it - but it’s something I have to do," she said.
It's Time to Shift to High Speed Wild Blue Satellite Internet
High speed internet service has become the requirement of the time we are living. Few years back dial up connection was okay to access the internet but now we need to access the internet at a fast speed than before. And America has got the answer as wild blue. Satellite Internet services from wild blue can be accessed even from the most remote area of the country. So, wild blue has become the synonym for satellite internet, broadband internet as well as rural internet.

Few important facts about the wildblue internet services include- no phone line needed, instant access, professional installation, no software to load and always on connection.

For its customers, wild blue is offering three type of packages- Value, Select and Pro. For the new customers, wild blue is giving away a $50 discount in the account set up fee.

As compared to dial up connection, wild blue offers much faster internet service. You can start downloading your favorite movie clips, songs and files at an speed upto 30 times faster than dial up. You can remain connected to your friends while using social networking sites like facebook, myspace or orkut for longer.

You can find more information about wild blue internet offers at wild blue reviews. If you love the speed while being on the net and don’t wish to wait while downloading your files, switching to wild blue internet will prove to be a good decision that you ever made.

Saturday, October 10

Rekha remains an Enigma at 55
RekhaHer glamorous persona still has men gawking. Bollywood actress Rekha, who turns 55 today, metamorphosed into a diva from the overweight young actress she once was and inspires the current league of actresses.

"She is a dreamer. She lives in her own world. She imagines a lot of things that suit her psyche as an actor. She is a very genuine, warm and a very sensitive person. And no denying the fact a very good learner. It has been an amazing experience to work with her; she is a perfect actress," said Muzaffar Ali.

"Post-‘Umrao Jaan’, she has kind of withdrawn herself... perhaps because that role was a very cerebral, cultural and classical one that raised her to a pedestal that cannot be surpassed ever... not by her or by anyone else," he added.

Daughter of southern star Gemini Ganesan, Rekha bagged overnight success with her debut vehicle "Sawan Bhadon" (1970) and gradually became India’s sex symbol. What catapulted her to the Bollywood zenith was Muzaffar Ali’s period drama "Umrao Jaan" (1981) that even won her a National Award.

Having acted in more than 150 films, she made her presence felt with her versatility and different avatars in films like "Do Anjaane" (1976), "Ghar" (1978), "Muqaddar Ka Sikander" (1978), "Khubsoorat" (1980), "Silsila" (1981), "Baseraa" (1981), "Utsav" (1984), "Khoon Bhari Maang" (1988), "Ijaazat" (1988), "Kama Sutra" (1996) and "Zubeidaa" (2001) to name a few.

Last seen in a cameo for Shah Rukh Khan-starrer "Om Shanti Om" (2007), industry insiders have often spoken of Rekha as a "capable, disciplined actress with immense range, ability and mastery of precise detail".

"Rekha is nearest to the parallel of Swedish actress Greta Garbo, they both came from poor backgrounds and climbed great heights. As an artist she was first noticed in ‘Ghar’ and after that she was no more termed as only a voluptuous artist in Hindi cinema because then came films like ‘Khubsoorat’ and ‘Umrao Jaan’ that set her apart," said noted film historian Gautam Kaul.

"She is enigmatic because she is hard to get. She only moves in a small circle of senior film people and she shuns the media. That’s also because she is a tragic figure with failed relationships, none of which succeeded, so she has withdrawn into herself. The only place she is now noticed is award functions, which are also picked and chosen. But she still doesn’t give any interviews," he added.

All said and done, Rekha is also known for her lifestyle and glossy image.

"Rekha is a diva. In fact, the term diva (in India) was coined for Rekha. The way she has metamorphosed herself from what she was when she came into the industry is mind blowing. She has worked on her language, body, diction, everything and apart from that she’s a fantastic actress," said renowned film critic Omar Qureshi.

"There was a special ‘Rekha Diet’ compiled by Chunky Pande’s mother, Dr Snehlata Pandey. Her looks and style are copied throughout India and she even has her book (on yoga and exercises) called “Rekha’s Mind and Body Temple” (1983). She has remained a mystery and what keeps her a legend is that how she has kept it intact so beautifully. She is a complete Jane Fonda," he added.

She still inspires the current league of actresses.

"She is a very good actress. I enjoy seeing her movies. She is very humane and caring. I wish her blessings and good wishes for her birthday," said Gul Panag.

Item girl Rakhi Sawant feels that Rekha’s wax statue should also be made.

"There is no one in the industry to compare with Rekhaji as a beauty and as a performer. She is so good. For me, she is the perfect style icon. ‘Jitna chamak unke face par hai, kisi ke chehre par nahin’ (the glow on her face is incomparable).”

"She has a perfect nose, pretty eyes and the best part is that she does her make-up on her own. She is in perfect shape. I just love her and adore her. I think she should have a wax statue at Madame Tussaud’s. I wish her a very Happy Birthday," Rakhi said.

Mugdha Godse: "I admire her and she is the one actress I look up to. I love her unforgettable films like “Khoobsurat”. She’s a living legend. I wish her many more happy birthdays and wish to see her more often on the silver screen."

Rekha is also rumoured to be penning her autobiography and is also tentatively to appear in the sequel to "Krrissh".

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