Wednesday, December 22

Understanding the Universe and human connection

I guess, you will pay me thanks for this post. Through this blog post I want to tell you about a very specific concept that has been termed as ‘The Cave’ by a New York based artist. Apart from being an artist, he is an established physician, surgeon and biologist. By using the term ‘The Cave’, he has tried his best to understand and explain the universe by an artist’s view. He is Marco Stout, who has attempted to integrate the mind body connection with the metaphysical universe. As an artist he is working on a project named, ‘The Cave’, which is a collection of his artistic ability to explain the universe. In his philosophical words, this universe is something like a cave where as a physical body, we are like prisoners.

He further explains, we try our best to understand the universe and the nature of the universe through myths, religions and scientific methods and all this turn to be just impossible attempts to understand the universe. He says that the universe is similar to a cave which we people take to be real and that is our fault. This scenario makes it impossible to understand. To understand our universe in a better way, we should treat it as an illusion, not as real.

This NYC artist has tried to explain the nature of the universe by some interesting creations and exhibitions. To know more about him and his creations, you should visit his home page. I am sure, you are going to like it.


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