Wednesday, February 23

Understanding Universe and The Mind Body System

You might have heard about a very promising and contemporary artist based in New York City. He is Marko Stout. Through his works he has tried his best to explain the human conditions and ever existing mind body system. By means of his dynamic paintings, he has tried to reach the masses and explain them about the co-relation between the universe and the humans. For this purpose he has organized exhibitions for his art work from time to time.

His above extraordinary exhibitions are called, ‘The Cave’. And once again the autumn of 2011 is going to witness just another exhibition from the artist.

Through his concept called, ‘The Cave’, the artist tries to explain the difference between ‘what is for real and what is for illusion’. His paintings and exhibitions jointly promote the idea of an unlimited boundary in this universe. Our human experiences are said to be limited within a physical body. So, we try to understand the nature of the universe using some myths and other methodology based on or derived from science or religion. In this way, we put a limitation, a certain kind of boundary while trying to understand the universe.

This New York City artist has attempted to explain that the nature of the universe through his paintings. According to him, we should never put any limitation while understanding the universe.


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