Tuesday, February 1

Miss Universe Jimena Navarrette interested in Bollywood

Miss Universe Jimena NavarretteDuring her maiden visit to India, the reigning Miss Universe Jimena Navarrette met Salman Khan and showed her interest to do a Bollywood film. The 22-year Mexican beauty finds Indian actors very handsome. "Till now I haven’t been offered any roles but would love to work in Hindi films. I have seen Indian actors, they all are very handsome. I don’t know much Hindi and can only say ‘Namaste’ but I am willing to learn it," Navarrette said. Navarrette, who is the fifth Miss Universe to be roped in by international fashion designer Sanjana Jon to create awareness about the cause of the girl child, is not only smitten by Bollywood, but Indian food as well. "This is my first visit to India and it is a beautiful country. It has a rich cultural heritage and shares similarity with Mexico as far as spicy food is concerned. I feel at home here," she said.

The second Mexican Miss Universe ever, Navarrete who is the global ambassador to promote awareness about HIV has dedicated her 10-day Indian tour to raise awareness about female foeticide.

"I am privileged to have the opportunity to raise awareness for the girl child. I believe as Miss Universe, I have the responsibility to awaken society to injustices and make a difference. If girls are being wiped out then the future of the world is totally bleak," she said.

The tour kickstarts at the Delhi University. "We will be doing a 10 km marathon with the university students as they represent today’s youth and can act as a driving force for the cause," Navarrette said.


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