Tuesday, February 22

British women spend £133K for looking beautiful

Looking BeautifulAccording to a recent poll, British women are still spending more money on their looks despite the strains on family budgets. TV shopping channel QVC, which conducted the poll found that British women spends 2,056 pounds every year on their appearance. That adds up to 133,640 pounds during their lifetime. For women trips to the hairdresser for costly cuts and colour average out at 405 pounds a year – 26,325 pounds over a lifetime. And maintaining that perfect body adds up to even more – at 717 pounds a year or 46,605 pounds. Keeping hands in tip-top condition is also a priority. Women rack up a bill of 143 pounds a year on nail polish, creams and manicures. Pedicures and beauty products for feet tots up to 201 pounds a year, while creams and make-up to keep eyes looking SDHpfabulous costs 171 pounds a year.

Those who desire actress Angelina Jolie-style pouting lips are willing to part with 8,450 pounds during their lifetime – or 130 pounds of their hard-earned cash every year on lipstick, gloss and pout-plumping treatments.


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