Monday, February 7

Priyanka Chopra considers herself as the No.1 Actress

Priyanka ChopraAce filmmaker Vishal Bhardwaj has given an altogether new dimension to Priyanka Chopra’s film career. Her latest and much awaited film ‘Saat Khoon Maaf’ has transformed PC’s career so beautifully that she has been receiving complements for her performance even before the release of the film. With so many compliments coming her way, Priyanka seems to have done away with humility as she proudly says that she is the numero uno actress. Priyanka does not believe in being voted as the best actress. She does not even appreciate the concept of surveys and polls. Discussing her journey so far in the film industry, Priyanka said, "From my first film to ‘Saat Khoon Maaf’, I consider myself the No. 1 actress. I don’t believe in poll results and surveys. For me, I am the No. 1." People from Bollywood have been going gaga over her matchless performance in the film only by seeing the trailers. And the SKM star does love all the appreciation that people have been endlessly showering on her.

Expressing how good she feels when being applauded for her work, Priyanka said “Yes of course they do. You feel good when someone says something good about you, your work. But at the same time, I know what I am. I know my work and I know where I stand.”

And PC cannot stop taking pride for being a part of a film like SKM. She said, “I can’t be objective about my films. For me, it is the film! It is perfect.”


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