Monday, February 28

Aamir Khan to romance Katrina Kaif

Katrina Kaif - Aamir KhanActor Aamir Khan was asked a little while ago why he didn’t work with Katrina Kaif, to which he had quoted, "Katrina is a huge star. But no filmmaker has come forward with a proposal to cast us. But now the buzz is that a big banner wants to cast the two actors together for a film. The two were seen together on a magazine cover nearly a year ago. And fans went ecstatic to see the duo together as they stated that the two looked like the classic couple Guru Dutt and Waheeda Rehman. The chemistry between Aamir and Kat during the photo-shoot was scorching. However it was just one photograph, so it was not a big deal. But Aamir was aware when it comes to a film things are different. The filmmakers who offered the idea to Aamir said that initially he was a bit skeptical to work with Katrina because she was then Salman Khan’s girlfriend.

Apart from being Bollywood’s most established actor, Aamir is also great friends with Salman so he wasn’t too keen on the idea of romancing Kat onscreen.

A source says, "Now that Salman and Kat have split, Aamir may team up with the Bollywood diva." Filmmakers are very keen to bring the two together as they are bound to make a sizzling onscreen couple.


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