Saturday, February 5

Fergie fearing about Super Bowl wardrobe malfunction

FergieFergie has revealed that she has carefully chosen her Superbowl outfit so as to avoid a wardrobe malfunction. The star said that it has been a "challenge" to pick the outfit. The Black Eyed Peas are set to perform during halftime at the American football game on Sunday, and organizers want the show to be family friendly. Fergie’s stylist has spent a lot of time making sure her costume will be secure when she is on stage. "It is a challenge because we want to give a bit of sex appeal but you don’t want to get into any trouble. So we are very particular about the wardrobe, there will be no more malfunctions,” said Fergie. "We are just making sure that everything is secure and tucked in and nobody is going to get angry."

"A little sex appeal is OK; I don’t think there is anything wrong with that. I know that my stylist was talking to the NFL. There were definitely points of contention, you know, certain things cannot be shown. It is serious. I am getting a lot of rules," Fergie added.


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