Wednesday, March 9

Michelle Rodriguez ready to show all

Michelle RodriguezActress Michelle Rodriguez says she’s ready to show all for the cameras if a good steamy role comes along. The ‘Avatar’ star has started looking at sexier parts after her best pal joked about what a ‘prude’ she is in front of camera. "She was making fun of me. I was focused on being kind of like, an example for Latinas; I didn’t want them to be thinking that sexy is the only way to be powerful,” said Michele. “But, y’know man, I’m gonna wrinkle up and lose it one day, and she reminded me of it, so I was like, ‘I might as well put it to some use and go do the sexy thing for a while. Why not?’”

The actress admits she wouldn’t do anything too extreme, but she’s "open to some romantic comedy stuff".


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