Monday, January 3

Ashley Greene keeps red carpet dress secrets

Ashley Greene‘Twilight’ star Ashley Greene loves to keep her red carpet outfits under wraps and prefers not to ask her co-stars for fashion tips. Greene, who portrays vampire Alice Cullen in the popular vampire series loves to be surprised by what her castmates are wearing when they arrive at the same events. "The ‘Twilight’ cast don’t consult each other about red carpet looks, so it’s a surprise on the night. We’re like, Oh my God, I love your outfit," said the 24-year-old screen beauty. Greene, who is currently dating singer Joe Jonas prefers simple outfits and does not take long to get ready for any major Hollywood event.

"My style in a nutshell is anything by J. Mendel. I don’t generally wear patterns. I don’t take too long to get ready, I work with such a good team they’ve cut it down to one hour," she added.


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