Sunday, January 30

Halle Berry encourages women to Reveal

Halle BerryHalle Berry has named her third fragrance ‘Reveal’ because she wants to encourage women to share their stories. The Oscar-winning actress has joined hands with cosmetics giant Coty to produce her new perfume and she expressed the hope that the fragrance which blends plumeria, peach and mimosa will allow women to reveal more of themselves. "Reveal is an invitation for women to share their story, to reveal some parts of themselves that they have not yet expressed. It has a perfect balance. Light and fresh, it becomes sexier and more mysterious as you wear it," she said.

The 44-year-old has previously admitted she was surprised by the success of her perfume range - her debut scent ‘Halle’ by Halle Berry was launched last year and ‘Pure Orchid’ just five months ago.

Now she hopes to repeat the success history once again with ‘Reveal’.


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