Tuesday, January 25

Cindy Crawford reveals her beauty secrets

Meaningful Beauty by Cindy CrawfordYou might have heard about a timeless proverb- ‘old is gold’, and we find it to be justified in many instances of life. But wait a minute, I am thinking in a different way. Is that old proverb also true with respect to beauty? I guess, most of you will answer as ‘definitely not’, because almost after 40 years, we all tend to become a victim of ageing. There comes a time, when we all tend to lose the charm and freshness of our natural beauty. So, is there any way to maintain the natural beauty for long?

There are beauty experts who come with beauty products from time to time. These products are meant to enhance the natural beauty and they work to defy the ageing process of our skin. One such beauty product available worldwide is ‘Meaningful Beauty’. Based on a formulation developed by French skin care expert, Dr. Jean-Louis Sebagh, this beauty defends our skin from the breakdown of collagen, which happens with age.

Well, one more question to ask you. Have you ever thought about the natural and ever glowing beauty of world reknowned supermodel cum actress Cindy Crawford? She is in her forties and is looking as gorgeous as in her twenties. What is the secret behind that?

Cindy Crawford reveals her beauty secret. In her own words, “My beauty secret- Dr Sebagh. As a client, I loved the results I saw with my own skin and asked him to create Meaningful Beauty, so we all can use it at home every day.”

Meaningful Beauty calls it’s product a complete anti-ageing system. It works on 5 fundamental steps. They are- cleansing, protecting, restoring, revitalizing and purifying of the skin. Meaningful Beauty kit includes skin softening cleanser, antioxidant day crème, anti-ageing night crème, lifting eye crème, firming chest and neck crème. Apart from that, as a bonus you get deep cleansing masque, travel size glowing serum and wrinkle smoothing capsules.

So, these are the secrets behind Cindy Crawford’s ever dazzling beauty. With the help of Meaningful Beauty, you too may look ever gorgeous as Cindy, without any age barrier, even after an age of 40.


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