Monday, January 24

Liz Hurley and Shane Warne caught smooching

Liz Hurley - Shane WarneKing Spinner Shane Warne and glamorous actress Elizabeth Hurley were snapped in a passionate embrace in Los Angeles last weekend. The rendezvous show that the couple were very much back on despite Warne’s texting habits had derailed their affair. They were snapped smooching in a car in Santa Monica after rekindling their love by flying to Tinseltown from Melbourne and London. The former cricketer, who flew to LA on January 15 morning, and Hurley made the most of their few days together in the US and were seen out and about in a Range Rover. Warne (41), and Hurley (45), spent their weekend at Santa Monica’s five-star Casa Del Mar hotel.

“They were behaving like a couple of love struck teenagers. Liz was tickling Shane’s chin, playing with her hair and frequently re-applying her lip gloss. Shane couldn’t keep his eyes off her,” said a guest.

Hurley, meanwhile, took to Twitter to tell her followers how good her week-end was.

“I’ve been here on business - some of it monkey. A great week-end. Best in a long, long time,” she wrote.


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