Monday, January 3

Cheryl Cole gifted £10K bracelet by Derek Hough

Ashley GreeneIt has been reported that Cheryl Cole and Derek Hough are dating. Just last week, she denied that she was dating, but when they kissed after Hough gifted her a 10,000-pound bracelet, it was all out in the open. Dance trainer Corky Ballas wrote on Twitter, “I don’t think it’s a secret they’re dating”. Hough and Cole went away for a week-long break to mark the end of what the Girls Aloud star judge has described as ‘the worst of my life’ after she divorced from Ashley Cole and almost died from malaria following her visit to Tanzania six months ago.

The pair is staying in a luxury beachside villa in the Camps Bay resort a few miles outside Cape Town. “Cheryl and Derek are together and don’t care who knows it,” said a source.


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