Tuesday, January 4

Manisha Koirala gives her marriage a second chance

Manisha KoiralaManisha Koirala, who has often hit headlines for her rocking love life, married businessman Samrat Dahal in June last year. But her marriage hit the rocks and the lady was contemplating divorce within a few months of her wedding. But now she has made up her mind to give her married life a second chance. The talented actress had posted on Facebook in November that she is planning to legally get separated from her husband. She left her husband’s house and had been staying with her parents since then. A source revealed, “Samrat loves Manisha very much. Ditto for Manisha’s feelings for him. Both have almost ironed out all their differences and are working things out.” Manisha’s friends had advised her to give her marriage a second shot, And the actress decided to act on the wise advice parted by her pals.

A friend said, “Manisha was in a very grumpy mood for the past few days. It’s good to see her happy again. She starts 2011 on a smiling note.”

Manisha will be leaving for Nepal soon. She is currently in Mumbai. Another source close to the actress revealed, “She will join Samrat in a few days from now”.


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