Sunday, January 2

Kate-William wedding 'wide open to terror attack'

Prince William - Kate MiddletonGrapevine has suggested that Prince William’s wedding to Kate Middleton is wide open to a terror attack. It has been revealed that London’s Westminster Abbey has shocking security lapses that could leave William, Kate, the Queen, Prime Minister David Cameron and a host of royals and VIPs exposed to a terror bomb outrage. The security shambles at the venue that will host the most important public event of 2011 on April 29 in front of a worldwide audience of millions, it has emerged. In an undercover operation, an investigator, posing as a tourist, managed to leave an unaccompanied backpack ‘bomb’ at several sites among the Abbey’s cloisters and corridors for up to 45 minutes unchallenged. The bogus bomb was just metres from where the Royal couple would exchange their vows in front of the High Altar. The investigators have found that there were scant checks at the church’s entrance carried out by staff using a wooden stick to poke around bags and the absence of any airport-style scanning equipment.

Even the CCTV coverage inside the building is inadequate as there are uncovered areas where terrorists could hide explosives with little chance of being spotted.

Said a security source, “The fact the place is so open makes it an ideal target for terrorists looking to stage an attack. That means security staff, especially leading up to the royal wedding, will really need to be on their guard to prevent an attack."

“In the lead-up to the big day a lot more thought is going to have to be given to the backgrounds of those who work in the church and exactly who is being allowed in. The royal wedding is a massive event that is going to be watched by millions of people around the globe,” said the source.


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