Wednesday, May 4

Ratan Tata sets his eyes on Bollywood

Ratan RataBusiness tycoon Ratan Rata plans to foray into entertainment production once again. His first stint at film production didn’t do well. Reportedly, Tata financed Amitabh Bachchan starrer ‘Aetbaar’ in 2004, but the film fell flat at the Box Office. But now, Ratan Tata wants to make a comeback with a multi-pronged business plan with the idea of not only funding film projects but also Broadway style musicals. Sources confirm that Ratan’s team has already met a few filmmakers and is also in talks with talents who can make edgy, emotional musicals. An industry insider revealed, " The Tatas are once again open to projects. They’ve met a couple of filmmakers, and these meetings have created quite a buzz in the industry, which is always looking at producers with deep pockets. One of the projects that they are considering is titled ‘Nano’."

As far as the grand musical is concerned, Ratan Tata is in touch with a couple of musicians of Indian origin to make a sensitive, close-to-home Bollywood-style musical for the masses. This venture will make Tatas the first Indian company to have ever funded a lavish and big budget musical, which will be staged globally.

The scripting is currently on. Ratan is looking to rope in an exciting young talent for this. It is expected that the company has earmarked big budgets for their plans the announcement of which will be made soon after the group’s succession issue and it’s battle with 2G scam ends.

Meanwhile, there is widescale anticipation in the film industry with a big player like the Tatas returning to the entertainment space.


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