Wednesday, May 4

Carla Bruni pregnant with twins

Carla BruniFrench First Lady Carla Bruni is pregnant with twins at the age of 43. The former Italian supermodel has been at the centre of frenzied media speculation this week that she is expecting her first child with President Nicolas Sarkozy. Showbiz magazine ‘Voici’ claims she is expecting twins in October. The latest claims came even though Bruni - who is also said to have given up smoking - had refused to directly comment on queries about pregnancy, adding more fuel to the recent rumours that she is expecting. When asked directly if she was pregnant during the interview with leading French newspaper ‘Le Parisien’, she said she would "remain tight-lipped about that to protect something"." If you’ll allow me, I’d rather not answer these questions about my family. I am remaining tight- lipped about that to protect something," Bruni said. She had also cited her 56-year-old husband’s career as a reason not to discuss her pregnancy. "Around 180 per cent of the time my husband is dealing with his country. He only talks about that. He does nothing else. He’s obsessed by that."

Bruni added: "In addition, I’m very talkative. But then, I’m kind of lips sealed. Not out of arrogance or out of a taste for secrecy. My lips are sealed to protect something and to protect all the work he does."

It’s not even to protect my privacy, which is also a curious little term. I would love to talk, but after it takes the entire space. And it involves other people." In fact, the first claims of a pregnancy emerged in France’s Closer magazine last week.

News magazine ‘VSD’ then said the claims had been confirmed in off-the-record remarks by a senior aide to President Sarkozy.The President’s communication chief at Elysee Palace, Franck Louvrier, has refused to confirm the rumours. "This is a subject that is none of my business."


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