Tuesday, May 24

Gem-encrusted $180K luxury shoe on display at Cannes

Italian luxury shoe designer Guiseppe Zennoti collaborated with jeweller Chopard to make a 180,000-dollars pair of fuchsia high heels that caught the eyeballs of everyone at the Cannes Film festival recently.

It was not easy to compete with gems on the screen at Festival but Guiseppe Zanotti came pretty close.

The strappy stilettos glittered with diamonds, pink sapphires, tourmalines and russellites.

Model Anja Rubik wore the heels with a feathery blue minidress.

The pink high heels may be pricey but could not beat British jeweller Christopher Michael Shellis, who created a pair of gold, diamond encrusted high heels valued at 225,638 dollars.


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