Tuesday, April 12

Liz Hurley still enjoys Arun Nayar’s company

Elizabeth HurleyShe filed for divorce citing his "unreasonable behaviour" but Elizabeth Hurley has said that she is still friends with her estranged husband Arun Nayar and spends a lot of time with him. The actress-and-model, who filed for divorce from the Indian textile heir earlier this month after four years of marriage, insisted their separation doesn’t mean they are on bad terms with one another. "Arun and I decided to separate last October. We still get on really well though, and spend lots of time together," said Hurley. The 45-year-old beauty’s nine-year-old son Damian, her child with former lover Steve Bing, is coping well with the split and has managed to stay close to Nayar. "Arun plays a major role in my son Damian’s life and is taking him to India for a week in the Easter holidays. Damian has coped with the changes really well. He’s a very loving, well-adjusted little boy and both Arun and I are really proud of him," said Hurley. The ‘Wonder Woman’ star, who reportedly dated Australian cricketer Shane Warne briefly after splitting from Nayar last year, said she is still friends with him. "I’m still very good friends with Shane. He’s a very hands-on dad and his children are adorable," said Hurley.


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