Friday, April 15

Liz Hurley to live with ex Hugh Grant

Elizabeth HurleyElizabeth Hurley has revealed that she will move in to live with ex Hugh Grant as friends if she can’t find love again. "If all else fails, we’ll end up living together like Darby and Joan," said Hurley. The couple ended their 13-year relationship in 2000 but has stayed remarkably close friends. "We are currently taking cooking, Italian and guitar lessons and argue ferociously over who is more ahead in cooking, slightly less cack-handed at the guitar but grudgingly agree his Italian is a whisper better," said Hurley. "We rarely get through a day without fighting, but we always end up laughing," she said. And while she admitted they may annoy each other at times, "I consider him one of my family." Grant is even godfather to Hurley’s son Damien with American producer Steve Bing. "Damian adores his godfather and Hugh is great with him," the actress said. She, however, said any plans for a romantic reunion were strictly out of the question and called the idea "preposterous."


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