Wednesday, January 11

Jennifer Aniston Hollywood’s most desired body at 42

Jennifer Aniston: Most Desired BodyJennifer Aniston has regained the title of Hollywood’s Most Desired Body at the age of 42. Three years ago, she was crowned the most desired body in the annual Hollywood’s Hottest Looks survey, compiled by Beverly Hills plastic surgeons Richard W. Fleming, M.D. and Toby G. Mayer, M.D. In 2010 singer Stacy “Fergie” Ferguson grabbed the top spot. Last year Aniston came in a close second to supermodel Gisele Bundchen. But in 2012, it is again all about the ‘Friends’ star, who topped the 15th annual Most Desired Female Body category at the age of 42, leaving 20-something stars Bar Rafaeli and Shakira in her dust. While the relatively older Aniston may have the most coveted total package, younger stars are filling in more and more slots on the docs’ body parts lists.

“The biggest shift over the past year is that the younger celebrity group is emerging – people like Katy Perry,” said Dr. Fleming.

“The celebrity faces are what people refer to as an example because they like the way they look and they refer to these celebrities when they are considering plastic surgery. Another interesting change this year is that the female body choice is smaller in proportion. People don’t want an unbalanced body,” he added.


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