Wednesday, July 27

Christie Brinkley was not interested for modelling

Christie BrinkleyFormer supermodel Christie Brinkley has revealed she "never" aspired to walk the ramp, saying she just went with the flow when it came to her career. Brinkley, who was discovered at the age of 19, was one of the world’s most in-demand beauties during her heyday but she insists it wasn’t her lifelong dream. "Modelling was never what I set out to do, and there was never a time when I said, ‘OK, this is what I’m doing.’ It was more like, ‘If they ask me to do a job, I’ll say OK!’ "Sometimes I did think, ‘Wow, this is working’ but there was also always this feeling that the job was probably going to be the last," she said. The 57-year-old beauty, who had recently made her West End theatre debut with ‘Chicago’, said she avoids the sun to maintain her good looks.

"I grew up a surfer girl in Malibu so I’m always running after my girls with sunblock going, ‘Believe me, you’ll thank me for this.’ I can literally see my own thighs where my sarong shielded me from the sun," she added.


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