Sunday, October 16

Marion Cotillard goes unclothed for French film

Marion Cotillard“Inception” star Marion Cotillard has gone unclothed for her new French film ‘Rust and Bone’. The 36-year-old stunner was caught taking dip on set by photographers in south of France recently. The French beauty, who plays an amputee in the film, was unclothed from the waist up and wore black bikini bottoms. Taken from a series of stories by author Craig Davidson, the film, at least in part, seems based on ‘Rocket Ride’, which is about an marine park orca trainer who loses his leg and then joins Unlimbited Potential, a support group made of addict-amputees.

Cotillard was also spotted wearing green knee-length socks, thought to be used against a green screen to give the illusion she’s missing the bottom half of her legs. Last week, she was seen filming with show orcas.

Cotillard appeared this summer in the ‘Midnight in Paris’, in this fall’s ‘Contagion’, and will be seen next summer in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’.


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